The 3,600th AT goes to the Frankfurt am Main fire service

The Frankfurt am Main Professional Fire Service is receiving a total of nineteen new fire-fighting vehicles from Rosenbauer and among the batch of vehicles handed over recently was the 3,600th AT. The systematic optimization of the ATs has brought a decisive easing of the operational burdens on the fire services and the AT vehicles already represent one of Europe’s best-selling municipal fire truck series.

Special technical features for increased flexibility

Frankfurt’s new main emergency vehicles consist of identical 20 trucks on 15t MAN chassis. The most important extinguishing technology components are comprised by an N35 pump and a DIGIMATIC pressurized proportioning system. 
A special feature of the Frankfurt vehicles is the integration of two connected foam tanks, each of which has a 100 l volume. If required, firefighters can separate the tanks, which can be filled with differing foam concentrates. Moreover, in order to create additional space for payload, for the first time the DIGIMATIC has been installed at the back of the vehicle next to the foam tank and not as usual in one of the rear equipment compartments. 
An advanced, safety-oriented lighting concept and special superstructure components such as mechanical lowering devices and COMFORT fixtures enhance operational safety and facilitate intuitive control.
The new Rosenbauer rescue pumpers spotlight the complete range of advantages of the AT series and the Frankfurt Professional Fire Service is thus ideally equipped for the future. Among the beneficial features of the new trucks is more space for the crew, larger equipment compartments with a flexible design, innovative LED lighting technology and top extinguishing performance. Further information in this regard is available from the related data sheet.

A joyous jubilee handover

The delivery of the nineteen new Rosenbauer rescue pumpers to the Frankfurt am Main Professional Fire Service will be completed by the end of the year. The trucks are part of a replacement program in the course of which the entire Frankfurt fleet is to be switched to the Rosenbauer AT. The latest batch to be supplied included the 3,600th AT, which was handed over to Prof. Reinhard Ries, the Director of the Frankfurt Professional Fire Services, by Klaus Tonhäuser, the Rosenbauer Deutschland GmbH CEO.
The Frankfurt am Main Professional Fire Service is among the largest and most modern in Germany. Its workforce of around 1,000 are extremely selective with regard to its vehicles. Therefore, the new rescue pumpers, which in future will form the backbone of the city’s fleet, are exceptionally innovative and precisely customized.