First Euro 6 vehicle

In January 2014, the new Euro 6 exhaust gas emission standard comes into force. It is aimed at reducing pollutant impact and will be compulsory for all newly licensed commercial vehicles in Europe. Accordingly, Rosenbauer has just presented the first, low-emission fire truck to be fitted with the very latest Euro 6 exhaust technology in the shape of an AT-design assistance vehicle mounted on an MAN TGM all-wheel drive chassis. 

HLF 20 on MAN TGM with new Euro 6 technology

Rosenbauer’s first EURO 6 fire truck consists of an HLF 20 with an 18t chassis. The vehicle is equipped with 2,400l of water and 200l of foam, a pump unit comprised by an N35 integrated pump with two separate proportioning systems, a three-level FIXMIX and a DIGIMATIC22 system (infinitely adjustable 0.1 to 6.0% proportioning), an RM24 roof monitor with deflector, and a side protection system with additional lateral airbags in the crew cabin. Further information is available from the data sheet.

As the fire industry’s innovation leader, for Rosenbauer it is a matter of course that the company is also on the technological pace with regard to Euro 6 integration. Consequently, Euro 6 fire trucks are available for purchase with immediate effect and initial projects are already in the quotation phase. Nonetheless, Rosenbauer still guarantees that for as long as Euro 5 chassis are produced and licensed, it will provide the corresponding superstructure variations.

Close cooperation during development has guaranteed efficient solutions

The new exhaust gas treatment unit is larger than its predecessors, however in the course of intensive teamwork, the development departments at Rosenbauer and MAN have come up with a design solution, which ensures that virtually no vehicle payload volume has been lost.  At the same time, the revolving steps leading to the crew cabin, which provide outstanding ease of entry and exit, have been retained in their proven form. The storage compartment near the revolving steps has been used for the integration of vehicle batteries. 

Green Star function

A great many alarm responses in the fire service sector take place without the activation of extinguishing pumps and therefore a permanently running, powerful vehicle engine is unnecessary. Accordingly, a portable RS 14 generator equipped with Rosenbauer’s patented Green Star function has been integrated into the Euro 6 vehicle as a special feature. Once the engine has been deactivated, Green Star allows the constant monitoring of its battery voltage via the truck’s electronics system. Should this fall below a certain level, the RS 14 starts automatically and recharges the vehicle’s batteries. As a result, overall fuel consumption is cut, noise emissions are reduced and the impact on the diesel particle filter during idle running is effectively lowered.