Metz Aerials introduces new operating instructions

Complex products necessitate user information that is perfectly prepared from a didactic perspective and in this with this premise Metz Aerials has now drawn up new operating instructions.
The increased advantages for customers are evident at first glance, as one of the most striking features of the new material is its fresh graphic design, which was developed following detailed target group analysis. In addition, the visualization employed meets the needs of the equipment’s diverse international users to an even greater extent.


A focus has also been placed on operating principles with the understanding of the function of an aerial ladder taking precedence over a large number of individual operational steps. This new didactic approach not only promotes rapid comprehension, but also allows a considerable reduction in the number of pages, which in turn assists the faster pinpointing of the desired information.


A uniform, linguistic style also serves better understanding. Furthermore, in teamwork with the Training Department, the individual operating principles have been so structured and formulated that the operating instructions can be used equally for training with a learning target orientation.  Consequently, Metz customers can employ the operating instructions in optimum fashion for their own training and schooling purposes.


The successful culmination of this project was preceded by several months of intensive work and the use of the latest software for the more efficient and future-oriented preparation and rollout of the new operating instructions.  Efforts that have facilitated the achievement of the major objective of providing customers with the best possible support during the use of their equipment in years to come.