Did you know that ...
... anyone can operate Rosenbauer tunnel extinguishing systems?

For drivers, nothing is more horrifying than seeing flames and thick plumes of smoke while driving through a tunnel. Tunnel fires can result in temperatures of more than 1000 °C, not to mention toxic smoke. Making matters worse, it is very difficult to remain oriented in a tunnel filled with smoke. Drivers who look closely have probably noticed tunnel extinguishing systems mounted in recesses of the tunnel. But few people know that Rosenbauer tunnel extinguishing systems are actually very easy to operate and can be used by anyone in an emergency.

Easy operation

Tunnel extinguishing systems are easy and intuitive to use, making sure that they are highly effective when needed. Stationary systems are installed in emergency shoulders or SOS recesses at intervals of 120 m, often labeled with a red wall-hydrant symbol. Tunnel extinguishing systems are just as easy to use as portable fire extinguishers. Simply flip a single lever and aim the extinguishing nozzle. The systems are equipped with a special lightweight textile hose with a length of up to 120 m, making it possible to reach any point in the tunnel. Tunnel extinguishing systems are supplied with a dedicated water line, so there is always enough water to extinguish a fire. They are equipped with an O-stream nozzle with a throw range of 15 m, so the operator can spray from a safe distance. Removal of the extinguishing nozzle automatically triggers an alarm that notifies either the tunnel operator or a local fire department directly.


Rosenbauer has already installed 450 tunnel extinguishing systems throughout Europe, particularly in Slovenia, Luxembourg, and Austria, making these tunnels among the safest on the entire continent.