Red Bull Air Race in Spielberg: PANTHER drew attention to itself

Nine years after the last event, Spielberg/Austria was today again the venue for the Red Bull Air Race. Almost 70,000 spectators did not want to miss the season finale and attended the event. But not only the spectacular maneuvers of the pilots got all the attention of the onlookers: The 8x8 PANTHER from Rosenbauer also drew a lot of interested looks.


Thankfully, there was no need to use it, as there were no incidents. For fire safety at the Red Bull Air Race, more than 100 firefighters and 18 vehicles were stationed at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg.

Red Bull Air Race World Championship

In the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, experienced pilots take part in a race. There they have to complete an aerial race course marked by air-filled traffic cones, in the fastest way possible and without errors. In these races, the combination of high speeds, low flying and maneuvering the airplane presents a big challenge for the pilots. Points are awarded for positioning in each race, and the pilot with the most points is then crowned world champion at the end of the season.