Press release, September 15, 2016

High-level freedom reaches new heights

The successful XS concept has been extended to an aerial with a working height of 40 m

  • The L40A-XS offers a higher action radius in restricted spaces  
  • The multifunktional Rescue cage has a maximum payload capacity of 450 kg
  • Integrated waterways run from the pump to the cage

With the new “Metz Technology” brand L40A-XS, in addition to a 32m-aerial firefighters now have a 40m-version of the highly popular XS concept at their disposal. In particular, this offers the emergency services markedly more freedom of movement in narrow spaces and a higher action radius than that offered by standard aerial ladders. 

The special feature of the L40A-XS is its articulated design. This allows the XS ladders to reliably approach building sections such as recessed dormers and wings facing away from the road, which with conventional aerials often lie in “blind spots” and cannot be reached. Moreover, because the cage arm of the XS can bend somewhat earlier than is the case with other articulated aerials, it can be moved smoothly along facades even in narrow old town lanes and alleyways. In addition, the XS concept also allows the rescue cage to be lowered closer to the vehicle. 

A multifunctional cage

The cage has a payload capacity of 450 kg and can transport up to four persons. During rescue operations involving patients in wheelchairs, or on stretchers, the front of the cage can be opened up completely thereby providing barrier-free access across its entire width. Heavy-load stretchers with a payload capacity of 250 kg may be employed and during transport are safely anchored to the cage floor. A ramp is available for wheelchairs, which in the cage acts as a chair fixture and is also locked onto the floor. 

Three entrances at the front and one at the rear allow the cage to be accessed on both sides and the ladder set can be reached directly via the rear entry. A fold-down ladder is also integrated into the front entrance in order to simplify the surmounting of obstacles, or balcony balustrades. 

A complete first attack capability 

For extinguishing purposes, the L40A-XS is fitted with a removable cage monitor, which in a transport position (the monitor rotates inwards) can remain in the cage while it is in motion. Furthermore, as is the case with every Rosenbauer aerial ladder, the L40A-XS can be turned into a fully-fledged first attack unit through the addition of an integrated pump, extinguishing agent tank and telescopic waterways. The pump is either installed in one of the vehicle’s lateral equipment compartments, or the storage space at the rear. The permanent waterways are an integral part of the ladder set and in the case of rear feeding are conducted through the turntable. 

Safe working

rotected and integrated LED strips on the steps and deck areas of the HLM podium provide optimum equipment lighting. The area surrounding the vehicle is also lit up with LED strips, while LED spots on the bottom ladder and in the cage floor illuminate the high-level working area.    

The operation of the L40A-XS is intuitive and takes place via joysticks and displays. Maximum safety is guaranteed by automatic 3D load monitoring, which measures all the forces upon the ladder set and furnishes the operator with precise information regarding possible overloads. In addition, numerous control functions are available that facilitate the handling of the L40A-XS such as automatic recovery and stacking, and the Target Memory System, which registers the last adopted cage position.     

An innovative aerial family

nnovative technology represents the trademark of Rosenbauer aerial ladders, which worldwide are a byword for maximum safety and reliability, as well as ingenious functionality and intuitive operation. With the new L40A-XS, which can be built on any standard chassis, the fire services can now supplement their fleets with an extremely maneuverable, flexible and extremely compact aerial in the 40m-range.  

The L40A-XS pursuant to EN14043 / A2U0095

  • Ladder set: 5-part with tiltable cage arm
  • Working height: 40.0 m
  • Cage floor height: 38.4 m
  • Outreach: 19.4 m (from turntable center)
  • Standard setting time: 71 sec
  • Outrigger width: maximum 4.8 m
  • Load capacity: up to 4 t (on the lower ladder)
  • Multifunctional cage with 4 entrances
  • Payload: 450 kg (4 persons)
  • Stretcher payload: 250 kg
  • Waterway capacity: up to 2,000 l/min
  • Cage monitor: up to 2,000 l/min
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