Press release, June 9, 2016

Efficient Technology

With the ET, Rosenbauer is proud to present a new and highly efficient vehicle series

  • Fire trucks in versions according to market requirements
  • European technology for international fire services
  • Global premiere in mid-June at the Edura in Poland

Efficient Technology, or ET for short, is a new Rosenbauer vehicle concept that brings European fire industry technology to international markets. The ET series is based on proven, lightweight aluminum structural design and can be ordered by fire services in configurations that match their technical demands and operational tactics to perfection. This can result in trucks that have simply operated extinguishing systems, or are not controlled via a CAN bus.  However, as is the case in all Rosenbauer fire service vehicles, only top quality extinguishing technology manufactured in-house is installed.

Chassis with original cabs

The ET series consists of trucks with dead weights of between twelve and twenty tonnes, which can be mounted on all standard chassis ranging from MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Scania and Renault models to Rosenbauer’s own Commander. The ETs are available with differing wheelbases, with or without all-wheel drive, and using any desired type of engine (including Euro 6). The technical fire-fighting superstructure can be employed with chassis fitted with original double cabins, or with single cabs. The original entries and bench cabinets, etc. are also retained.

Proven structural design

The ET superstructure is comprised of aluminum sandwich panels, sheets and sections, which are bonded and bolted to form a robust and self-supporting structure. Depending on the type and volume of the payload, this structure comes in one of three differing designs. The first has fitted, deep equipment compartments that are closed using flaps, which also serve as steps. The second version is similar with fixed, deep equipment compartments that are closed by means of shutters that also seal the equipment storage spaces above. The third variation has no equipment compartments, but instead fitted, folding bridges on the left and right, which serve as platforms.

As far as the fixtures and fittings are concerned, the complete Rosenbauer COMFORT anchorage program can be utilized, including turntables, heavy load pullouts and lowering devices.

Rosenbauer quality

ET trucks are equipped exclusively with Rosenbauer integrated pumps that possess EN1028 certification or NFPA1901 classification. Pump output amounts to 4,500 l/min at 10 bar, or 400 l/min at 40 bar (NH45), while the water tank has a capacity of up to 5,500 l. The pumps can be supplemented with the FIXMIX pre-proportioning or the pressurized AQUAMATIC proportioning system. Quick attack reels are also available for the ETs, as well as a manually operated water/foam monitor, which can either be installed on the roof or mounted on the vehicle. Coupling systems are provided for all regional conditions.

Straightforward operation

Upon request, ET series trucks can be so designed as to allow the largely manual operation of the extinguishing technology. However, they can also be fitted with the new LCS 2.0 COMPACT, which already has an automatic pump pressure governor. Equally, proven LCS 2.0 operation that is controlled and monitored via a CAN bus function may be employed, and a choice of electrical or electronic CAN bus controls is available for the vehicle lighting.

Customer proximity

The ET vehicle concept can be manufactured throughout the Rosenbauer Group in a highly efficient manner and thus in close proximity to the customer. The ET is intended to appeal to fire services in Asia, Latin America,  the Middle East, southern and eastern Europe. In addition, it also represents an alternative for Central European markets, as virtually any standard trucks can be supplied.

The ET is to make its global debut at the Edura fire industry trade fair in Kielce, Poland on 9 to 11 June. On this occasion, Rosenbauer will also be showcasing its L32A-XS and L39 aerial ladders, as well as personal and technical equipment. ET sales will commence in the fall 2016.

TLF 4.400 ET (Efficient Technology)

  • Chassis: Volvo FMX 440 4x4
  • Crew: 1+5
  • Cabin: Original Volvo double cabin
  • Extinguishing agents: 4,000 l water, 400 l foam
  • Integrated pump: NH35 with up to 3,000 l/min at 10 bar, or 400 l/min at 40 bar
  • Foam proportioning system: FIXMIX 3% + 6%
  • Monitor: RM24M water/foam monitor
  • Lighting mast, surrounding area lighting, LED lights in the equipment compartments
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