Press release, April 18, 2023

Rosenbauer and SYNEX TECH Cooperate on the Market Launch of DRILL-X

  • Innovative drill extinguisher for hard-to-reach fires is now available internationally
  • Reliable and maintenance-free extinguishing system for vehicle-independent use

Rosenbauer and SYNEX TECH will be working together on the international market launch of DRILL-X. The innovative drill extinguisher, which was specially developed for fighting fires that are hard to reach, for example in roof trusses, can now be purchased through the sales offices of the global market leader in firefighting technology. DRILL-X combines the work steps drilling, penetration, and extinguishing in one easy-to-use extinguisher and has been field tested by selected fire services for a year.


"As a leading system provider in preventive and defensive fire protection, we are always interested in innovative solutions for the emergency services. Even more so if they have been developed by a local start-up. DRILL-X from SYNEX TECH is highly compatible with the usual equipment used by fire services and is a perfect addition to our product portfolio," says Andreas Zeller, Chief Sales Officer of Rosenbauer International AG.


Quick, safe, and efficient


DRILL-X was specially developed for the direct fighting of hard-to-reach sources of fire in enclosed spaces. The unique drive unit is integrated directly into the extinguisher and is powered by the energy of the water from the attack hose. This enables flexible, vehicle-independent use and makes the extinguisher fail-safe and mostly maintenance-free.


With DRILL-X, it is not necessary to enter the fire zone during the first phase of firefighting. This is because its innovative drilling technology penetrates the most common materials in less than 20 seconds and thus quickly reaches the source of the fire via alternative attack routes such as roofs, walls, or ceilings. This saves the emergency crews complex and time-consuming approach routes, reduces their exposure to soot particles, and prevents flue gas explosions due to the introduction of oxygen.


The extinguishing nozzles enter the fire zone directly, the jet angle and flow rate can subsequently be adapted to the fire zone and different extinguishing media such as water, low expansion foam, or compressed air foam can be applied with pinpoint accuracy. Thanks to a high application rate of up to 800 liters per minute, DRILL-X delivers a high cooling capacity and rapid extinguishing results in a very short time, which reduces extinguishing water consumption and thus fire and water damage to the structure.


Test phase for volunteer fire fighters


For the past year, the volunteer fire departments of Roith, Vöcklabruck, Wels and Freistadt, as well as the Linz Fire Department have been testing DRILL-X in real-life operations in cooperation with the Upper Austrian Fire Brigade Command as research and development bases and have been providing continuous feedback to the manufacturer. The innovative drill extinguisher has attracted a lot of attention.


"The positive feedback from the five fire departments shows that DRILL-X is a flexible and efficient extinguishing system. It takes fighting hard-to-reach fires to a new level and makes the daily work of emergency crews safer in the long term," says Stefan Putz, Managing Director of SYNEX TECH GmbH.


DRILL-X can be ordered from Rosenbauer sales offices around the world.


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