Press release, September 23, 2020

With the RTE ROBOT, Rosenbauer now has a robotic vehicle in its range

  • Electronically driven caterpillar-tracked vehicle with high live load and standard platform
  • Individually configurable construction module for logistics, heavy rescue operation and extinguishing operations
  • Robust radio remote control that can be fully connected to the Rosenbauer product world

The Rosenbauer Robot has been designed especially for the operations of the fire service and other blue light organizations. The RTE ROBOT (Rosenbauer Technical Equipment) is one of our answers to the many changes and new applications experienced by the fire departments. First and foremost, digitalization is becoming increasingly a part of the everyday lives of fire services, aiming to further improve health and safety for emergency crews and to support them with new types of assistance systems in delicate, difficult or particularly strenuous tasks.

A "helper" for many different scenarios
With the RTE ROBOT, potential dangers faced by personnel can be reduced to a minimum, because the robot can be deployed in places too dangerous for emergency crews. The Rosenbauer Robot is also able to take on logistics tasks, thus relieving crew members by, for example, transporting heavy equipment such as portable pumps or submersible pumps and accessories over long distances via remote control. In addition, it is extremely versatile and a real multi-functional device: if necessary, it can be deployed to lay a hose line, and, when fitted with a turret, can be used as an extinguishing robot. Alternatively, it can be transformed into a universal transport vehicle for supplying emergency services in no time at all. It can be used as a recovery vehicle to drag fallen trees and other objects away from roads or operation sites, can be equipped with cameras and deployed to investigate and explore the scene of the emergency, and adapted for numerous other applications.

Modular system
A modular system is what gives the RTE ROBOT its broad variability. It consists of three perfectly coordinated components: the fully electrically powered basic vehicle, a kit of interchangeable add-on modules, and a robust radio remote control. The tracked vehicle has a standardized platform (quick coupling system) that, as an interface, accepts any type of payload, with the base area being the same dimensions as a Euro-pallet (1200 x 800 mm). The remote control is not only used to issue travel commands, but also to control all devices that can be incorporated or transported. The operating philosophy is the same as for radio remote controls in Rosenbauer vehicles. 

The robot's live load is up to 650 kg, with a dead load of around 350 kg. The quick coupling system makes changing between add-on modules much faster. The changeover of particularly heavy add-on modules can be additionally supported by an electronically operated payload changing system, which places it on a jacking system.

Function-specific superstructures
For logistics tasks, modules have been created with transport platforms, shelves, mesh walls, hose boxes, crates, etc., which can be combined and loaded as required; for example with a complete suction point block, a power generator, or the Rosenbauer UHPS high pressure extinguishing system. Ready-to-use add-on modules with water cannons including connection fittings are available for firefighting operations: a module with the RM 15C normal pressure turret (output of up to 2,000 l/min at 10 bar), a module with the RM 15C HD high pressure turret (up to 400 l/min at 40 bar) and another with the RM 35C (up to 3,800 l/min at 10 bar), which is also equipped with self-protection nozzles to fight off heat radiation during extended periods of use. The turret modules are fixed, connected, and ready for operation on the vehicle platform in just a few simple steps.

Fully compatible controls
The robot is controlled with one hand (single-handed operation) using a joystick, while the add-on turret is controlled with the other hand using a joystick and function keys or toggle levers (on/off, flow and jet adjustment, etc.). The remote control can also be equipped with a 3.5“ display, which can show the images from cameras. A special feature on the control unit is the function key for the "Water discharge!" command, which is not given by the vehicle machinist, but by the operator of the robot. This command opens a flap specially installed on the turret. The control range is around 200 m, depending on the environment. 

Agile and maneuverable chassis
The RTE ROBOT is driven by two 48V electric motors with a continuous output of 2.50 kW (with a 6.00 kW peak). Because the two caterpillar tracks can be moved in opposite directions, it is also able to turn on the spot. For the energy supply, four 12V AGM battery cells are fitted, with a capacity of 90 ampere-hours, meaning that, depending on the load, a distance of around ten kilometers can be covered.

The travel speed of up to 6 km/h is coordinated with that of emergency crews (safe walking pace), and the Rosenbauer Robot also has the maneuverability required for tough everyday firefighting operations: it is entirely suitable for off-road use, can handle inclines of 70%, and can drive across almost any surface type. It is fully waterproof, and can therefore be maneuvered through flooded terrain, and thanks to its low center of gravity and low overall height (360 mm) it has a high level of lateral stability (depending on the height of the add-on module) and, with its caterpillar tracks with a width of 800 mm each, can negotiate staircases without any problem.

Affordable all-rounder 
The Rosenbauer Robot is a true all-rounder that is able to master almost every challenge faced by fire services in the line of duty with flying colors. With its compact dimensions, it can be transported in any vehicle designed to accommodate standard Euro-pallets. And with its attractive price : performance ratio, it is affordable for even the smallest emergency response organizations. This makes the RTE ROBOT an appealing choice not only for fire brigades, but also for other blue light organizations with logistics tasks included in their operations.

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