Press release, March 27, 2020

Rosenbauer produces 20 turntable ladders for the Polish state fire department

  • High-quality aerial rescue devices in accordance with EN 14043, with 30 or 40 m rescue height
  •  Aerial ladders with XS technology, LED equipment and numerous automatic functions
  • The vehicles will be used by fire departments throughout Poland in the coming year

The state fire department of Poland (Państwowa Straż Pożarna - PSP) ordered 20 Rosenbauer aerial rescue devices at the beginning of March, which will be produced and delivered this year. The vehicle fleet consists of seven L32A-XS 3.0 aerial ladders and thirteen L42A-XS 3.0 aerial ladders. The procurement is co-financed by the European Union using funds from the cohesion fund, with the vehicles being stationed at fire departments across 14 of the 16 voivodeships - the top-level administrative divisions of Poland - and are therefore distributed practically throughout the entire country.

Rosenbauer aerial ladders with XS technology are currently one of the best complete package aerial rescue solutions on the market and, thanks to their special articulated technology, can be set up in very tight spaces. The vehicles for Poland are built on MAN two-axle chassis with total weights of 15.5 or 18 tons, respectively. They are fitted with powder-coated, five-part ladder sets with tiltable cage booms, which can be raised and swiveled fully automatically (CAN bus). They are equipped with safety platforms and modular equipment compartments. Horizontal and vertical jacking systems, which can be extended up to 4.85 m, ensure a secure footing.

Multi-functional workstations
The rescue cages act as multi-functional workstations, with power and water connections as well as a removable, remote-controlled water/foam monitor (RM15 with up to 2,000 l/min) for immediate extinguishing assaults. The cage provides space for five people and has a live load of 500 kg, with a working height of either 32 or 42 meters.

All aerial ladders are fully equipped with LEDs, from front flashing lights, through scene lighting to high-performance headlights on the base ladder section. In addition, numerous automatic functions make handling the devices easier, for instance, the ladder set being automatically returned to the stowage position or moved to one of several pre-stored positions (Target Memory System) at the push of a button.

The Polish fire department
The state fire department is the centerpiece of fire services in Poland. It has more than 500 operational units across the country and employs more than 30,000 professional firefighters. The network is so effective that the fire departments are able to arrive at the scene of the emergency within 15 minutes in over 90% of all operations. In addition, the main Polish fire services organization works very closely with the approximately 15,700 voluntary fire brigades, as well as airport and company fire brigades in the country. At least 5,100 professional firefighters with around 5,200 vehicles are ready for operation in Poland every day, in addition to the numerous volunteers with around 10,000 vehicles.

Rosenbauer Polska
Rosenbauer has been present in Poland for more than 30 years and founded its own sales and service subsidiary there in April 2018. Rosenbauer Polska, based in Łomianki, around 16 km from Warsaw, sells the entire Rosenbauer product range and is also responsible for all service-related operations within the country. "With an annual procurement volume of 400 to 500 vehicles, Poland is the largest single market for fire services in Eastern Europe. We estimate the sales volume of equipment to be at least 10 to 15 million euros per year," says Kurt Wandaller, Head of the CEEU Region at Rosenbauer. "We bring state-of-the-art firefighting technology to Poland and are incredibly proud that the state fire department has chosen our aerial ladders."


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