Press release, June 18, 2020

Rosenbauer bundles digital activities in a new business unit

Rosenbauer Digital Solutions equips emergency response organizations with integrated, modular software solutions

  • New business unit underlines growing importance of digital products for fire departments 
  • Doubling of engineering and processing capacities to meet rising demand 
  • Consistent further development and expansion of the digital product range (drones, sensor systems etc.)

Digital solutions have also become an indispensable tool in the firefighting world. Vehicles are operated via radio, and communicate with one another. Command centers coordinate emergency crews over the internet. Components such as fire detectors or drones are incorporated into a network that supports fire departments in their firefighting. In addition, digital tools help with the maintenance of entire vehicle fleets and the preparation and debriefing of operations.

Rosenbauer is responding to this development by pooling its digital activities in the new Digital Solutions Business Unit. This combines 150 years of experience in the field of firefighting equipment with more than 20 years of experience in the field of telematics. This leads to practical and highly efficient solutions that optimally support fire departments in their work because all components are perfectly coordinated.

Rosenbauer has relied on its own team since the early days of telematics. Especially when developing standard applications, which are available "out of the box", but also when creating customer-specific applications, such a setup is the key to success. The engineering and processing capacities were recently doubled to around a dozen engineers, the product portfolio was consistently expanded and new digital solutions were added. Today, it comprises a variety of ready-to-use packages and products for operational preparation or debriefing support, administrative support or digital support at the operation site.

Customized solutions
Rosenbauer software solutions are used by a wide variety of emergency response organizations - in professional, airport, industrial and voluntary fire departments, as well as by the police and rescue services. One example is the Altaussee Fire Department. They use the software applications to display the operational data in the firehouse, as smartphone-based solutions for targeted alert information, for the visualization of water extraction points, and for communication support as an operational messenger. "Rosenbauer software is a practical and reliable solution for our daily operational tasks," says Christian Fischer, Commander of the Altaussee Fire Department. 

A tailor-made tracking and collision warning system for emergency vehicles was developed together with Frankfurt Airport. This application provides the drivers of airport vehicles on the apron and taxiway with a complete overview of the ground situation, thus increasing the safety of all road users in this highly congested area.

The Roche Fire Department uses the Rosenbauer EMEREC software as a solution for digital operational management. In addition, the integration of drones into the EMEREC system is currently being implemented, which will, as flying sensor systems, provide the operational leader with further decision-relevant data.

Networked overall system
Even superordinate organizations such as the fire department inspectorate of the Swiss canton of Obwalden/Nidwalden rely on software solutions from Rosenbauer. The focus of their applications is the management of major disasters (e.g. storm events). Targeted alerts via EMEREC Mobile, the smartphone-based application, allow the necessary resources of the fire department to be deployed quickly and efficiently. 

The decisive factor for all software solutions and digital products is their integration into a networked and usable overall system, as is currently uniquely the case with Rosenbauer Digital Solutions. "Even this year, new functions, updates and applications will be launched onto the market, which will be fully integrated into the overall modular system", says Thomas Hartinger, Head of Digital Solutions at Rosenbauer.

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