Press release, October 8, 2020

Logistics made easy

Rosenbauer is bringing a new generation of roll-on/roll-off containers onto the market with the RTE RC Profile

  • Extremely stable design for carrying loads of up to 700 kg total weight
  • Single rod operation with dead man's brake for highly ergonomic handling
  • Customisable design and loading for various types of logistics tasks 

Everything is new about the Rosenbauer roll-on/roll-off containers: the name, the design, the materials, the connection technology, the bearing capacity, the operating concept, rollers and braking system, as well as the variation possibilities. The containers with the "RTE RC Profile" identification (Rosenbauer Technical Equipment RollContainer Profile) are made of anodized extruded aluminum interlocking profiles that are joined and screwed together by means of special corner connections. This ensures exceptional stability and durability, and allows the containers to be loaded with total weights of up to 700 kg (dead load: around 50 kg). The profiles are also laterally chamfered, allowing them to be maneuvered more easily in confined spaces, thus reducing the risk of injury (no injurious outer edges).

Ergonomic operation
Even with a load of several hundred kilograms, an RTE RC Profile can be moved safely and effortlessly by a single person. On the one hand, this is also partially the result of the new, easy-running and particularly robust rollers (diameter 200 mm, tread cover made of polyurethane) and, on the other, due to the ergonomic, equally new single-bar operation. The orange handle bar only needs to be pushed down slightly with minimal force and without spread fingers to set a container in motion. When released, it automatically folds back into the body, and the RTE RC Profile comes to a standstill quickly and by itself (dead man's brake).

Depending on the load weight, the new Rosenbauer roll-on/roll-off containers can be equipped with two (up to 450 kg) or four (up to 700 kg) braked castors. The braking system (cone or drum brake) is protected and integrated into the floor plate, with rollers and brakes being attached in such a way that they do not protrude beyond the floor plate and interfere with maneuvering. The front and rear rollers can also be optionally straightened using the handlebar side (straight-line positioning device).

Customisable configuration
The new Rosenbauer roll-on/roll-off containers can be implemented in diff¬erent size and weight classes and different body designs. Depending on the transport purpose, they are available in a platform and frame construction, with cover plate, shelves, mesh walls and a multitude of other accessories, such as forklift runners, crane eyes or a drawbar eye for loading with a cable winch. On request, they can also be equipped with LED lighting, which can consist of floor floodlights on the one hand and LED strips integrated into the profiles on the other.

In addition to completely custom-made containers and freely selectable equipment variants for standard models, Rosenbauer also offers complete ready-made solutions for specific applications: for example the RTE RC Profile "Drafting point" with portable fire pump, suction hoses and accessories, the RTE RC Profile "Mesh box", the RTE RC Profile "Hose", the RTE RC Profile "Breathing air bottles" for up to 24 compressed air bottles, and the RTE RC Profile "Water damage" with submersible pumps and associated equipment, to name just a few of the numerous variants.

For fire department and other logistics tasks
The new Rosenbauer roll-on/roll-off containers are TÜV-tested and have a standard loading area of 1,200 x 800 mm (EU pallet dimensions). Special dimensions are also possible. The containers are secured in the vehicle using a rail system with a simple and reliable locking mechanism (clamping lever, suitable for airline rails), which can be installed not only in fire department vehicles but also in any logistics vehicle that has a loading area. This means that the RTE RC Profile is also suitable for other applications and emergency response organizations. Versatile, ergonomic, powerful: the new Rosenbauer roll-on/roll-off containers combine everything that is important in an operation.

To the RTE RC Profile

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