Press release, October 28, 2020

Compact and powerful

Municipal vehicles from 5 to 14 tons in new Compact Technology (CT Frame)

  • New generation of the small and compact vehicles for various types of fire fighting operations in urban and rural areas
  • Light, compact, and spacious superstructures with high loading volume 
  • New, intuitive operating concept for all extinguishing systems, body components and devices

With the CT Frame, Rosenbauer is launching a new generation of compact vehicles with spacious superstructures. The CT Frame is the ideal vehicle when compact dimensions, high payloads, a wide range of functions, and ease of operation are required. Multitalented, which offers everything, can handle any type of operation.

Compact all-rounder
The CT Frame is mounted on van or truck chassis in the weight class from 5 to 14 tons. These chassis allow the realization of fire-fighting vehicles with small widths (2,100/2,200/2,350/2,500 mm) and low body heights (2,400 to 2,600 mm without roof loading). The CT Frame is therefore predestined for use in narrow alleys, low passages, in tunnels, or on narrow roads. The low overall height allows the stowed equipment to be removed from the floor with a solid foothold and allows comfortable, safe access to the crew cab. The low center of gravity has a positive effect on the driving characteristics and ensures driving stability. Thanks to its compact dimensions and short wheelbases, the CT Frame also impresses with high maneuverability.

Maximum loading volume
The CT Frame offers a very high loading volume due to its lightweight, space-saving, and torsion-resistant spacious superstructure. Due to the straight body contour and the slender gallery, the usable width in the body and in the crew cab, as well as on the roof, is optimized. A maximum of equipment can be accommodated in the equipment compartments and full-height lockers (in the case of truck chassis both between the axles and behind the rear axle), as there are few restrictive body walls or cross struts. They are closed by one-piece roller shutters either manually or at the push of a button, and can also be opened centrally from the driver's cab.

Flexible bracket system 
The complete Rosenbauer COMFORT bracket range is available for the individual and clearly arranged furnishing of equipment compartments. The modular system consists, among other things, of steplessly adjustable shelves, shaped holders, hose magazines as well as stable load pull-outs and rotating platforms for holding heavy equipment. There are separate set-down devices for portable pumps or roll-on/roll-off containers. Most of the equipment is secured by means of one-finger locks; all elements that can be operated and grasped are marked by the signal color orange. This means that the operator always intuitively grabs the right equipment and can quickly and safely remove and re-stow it.

Integrated safety cab
The crew cab in the CT Frame is either a chassis twin cab for a crew of 1+5 (if available) or a Rosenbauer twin cab integrated into the body for crews of 1+4 (van chassis) or 1+8 (truck chassis). The latter is built according to the currently valid ECE R29 guidelines and is equipped with headrests and 3-point safety belts on all seats. The safety belts are also available with a detachable shoulder strap to allow more freedom of movement when putting on the SCBA while remaining secured by the lap belt. Up to four SCBA holders can be installed both in as well as against the direction of travel.

Comfortable equipment
The entrance to the Rosenbauer cab is either a fixed step (in the case of van chassis) or a pneumatically foldable step (in the case of truck chassis) with access to the vehicle battery behind it. The doors are equipped with ergonomic grab rails, window regulators, and central lock and can be fitted with glass inserts in the lower area. This gives the crew a good view out of the vehicle and in front of the door even when the doors are closed. The interior is fitted with high-quality molded plastic parts and a dirt-repellent synthetic floor. The cab floor and ceiling are completely flat, minimizing the risk of injury from tripping or bumping heads. Glare-free lighting is provided by ambient lighting and indirectly illuminated handle bars in the ceiling and optional floor lighting on the seat benches (all in LED). There is stowage space under the seat benches or behind the steps as well as practical shelves in the crew cab doors (nets).

Safety on the roof
A further advantage of the integrated crew cab is the flat roof surface over the entire length of the body. This enables optimum roof loading and increases safety when walking on the roof, for example when removing equipment from the roof boxes. Access to the roof is provided via a foldable rear-mounted ladder with an ergonomic roof rail.

Powerful firefighting equipment
High-quality Rosenbauer extinguishing systems are used in the CT Frame. These are on the one hand the combined normal and high pressure pumps N/NH 25 and N/NH 35 (up to 2,500 or up to 3,500 l/min at 10 bar and up to 400 l/min each at 40 bar), on the other hand the foam proportioning systems FIXMIX 2.0, HP-FIXMIX, and RFC Admix Variomatic. FIXMIX is an around-the-pump foam proportioner integrated into the pump, HP-FIXMIX is a direct injection proportioning system, and the RFC Admix Variomatic is a newly developed, multi-channel direct injection foam proportioning system.

Versatile proportioning system
The RFC Admix Variomatic is available in three sizes (12, 24, and 48 l/min), can be single-channel or multi-channel with up to four injection points, and offers a steplessly adjustable proportioning ratio between 0.1% and 6%. It provides foam only on the discharge outlets that the fire crew wants to use during operation, while the others can be operated in parallel with water. Virtually all foam compounds available today can be used, including the modern alternatives of fluorinated foam compounds. The RFC Admix Variomatic thus offers a very wide range of applications from wetting agent operation with the smallest proportioning quantities (0.1 l/min) to the production of light, medium, and heavy foam. 

Systems for small firefighting vehicles
In addition, the CT Frame can be fitted with the normal pressure pump N10 (up to 1,000 l/min at 10 bar) and the high pressure pump H5 (up to 400 l/min at 40 bar). Due to their compact design, both are particularly suitable for small firefighting vehicles on van chassis, the N10 even for underfloor installation. Portable pumps like the Rosenbauer FOX and FOX S are mounted in the rear of the CT Frame on an inclined extension or a lowering device, and can be operated directly in the body thanks to the integrated exhaust gas routing.

The suction side of the pump unit in the CT Frame is designed as a central water supply, through which it is possible to switch absolutely shock-free between filling the water tank and feeding it into the pump. For German standard vehicles, it can also be equipped with a free tank inlet to ensure safe separation of dirty and drinking water. All extinguishing technology components, including the tank systems with capacities of up to 2,500 l, are perfectly matched because Rosenbauer develops and produces them in-house.

High-quality lighting
The CT Frame features the latest LED technology in almost all units. LED strips in the equipment compartments on the left, right, and above illuminate the interior homogeneously and without glare. The same applies to the crew cab with LED ceiling and LED handle bars. High-performance LED strips with 1,650 lm/m integrated into the roof gallery (at the side and rear) produce daylight-like illumination of the vehicle surroundings. As an option, the scene lighting at the sides can be supplemented by colored LED strips as an optical warning device. In addition to the flashing lights on the cab roof, warning flashers can also be installed in the vehicle grille and at the rear of the roof gallery. The open rear flap not only serves as rain protection, but also illuminates the pump panel without glare or shadow. In addition, the CT Frame can be equipped with a powerful, rotating, and swivelling LED light mast and the EPS XS built-in generator (8 kW, 400 VAC).

Intuitive operation
Operation of the CT Frame is carried out via the new Rosenbauer RBC LCS operating system based on CAN-Bus technology. This enables all extinguishing systems, electronic body components, and fire-fighting equipment, such as the generators or power generators installed in the vehicle, to be controlled and the operating states to be read out. The logical structure of the Logic Control System and the comprehensible menu navigation with color-coded functions and quick-select keys enable intuitively correct and safe operation. All relevant information is shown on clear displays, so that every operator can get to grips with it straight away. By highlighting the main controls, even inexperienced users can quickly and easily operate the devices in their basic functions.

Modular operating concept
The RBC LCS operating system is modular and can be configured individually. 
Two different displays are available both for pump operation at the rear and for the driver's cab for operating vehicle lighting, signaling systems, built-in generators etc.: a large 10" high-res display (1280 x 800) and luminance (1000 cd/m2), a viewing angle of 85°, and day/night switching (automatic and manual) and a 3.5" display. Control commands are entered on glove-compatible keypads or on key panels, with the 10" display optionally also via touchscreen. The speed of the pump is controlled via an endless rotary switch.

Practical scene arrival button
The CT Frame can be secured when arriving at the scene at the push of a button via the scene arrival button. Up to seven functions can be activated and adapted to the respective operational situation: switching on front flashers, siren, scene lighting, and hazard warning lights, starting the built-in generator, opening the electric roller shutters, and switching on the traffic management system.

One face to the customer
The RBC LCS operating system is used in all new Rosenbauer vehicles. This supports a smooth changeover between the different types of emergency vehicles and is particularly advantageous for larger fleets of professional fire departments. The Rosenbauer municipal vehicles now speak a common design language as well. With the CT Frame, this is reflected in a clear, function-oriented, and modern design language with striking details such as the roof superstructure with integrated flash modules and the roof gallery with LED strips along the entire length of the vehicle, the docking panel between the driver's cab and crew cab, the angular wings, and the rear lights integrated in the luminaire unit, to name but a few. The CT Frame thus combines modern design and high-quality body, lighting, and extinguishing technology to form a multifunctional unit for the moment when all-rounder qualities are required in operation.

To the CT Frame

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