Press release, October 28, 2020

Maximum variability

RFC Admix Variomatic, the new, universal direct injection foam proportioning system from Rosenbauer

  • Single and multi-channel system in three sizes with a wide range of functions
  • Simplest operation with quick-start button for defined standard operations
  • Automatic ventilation, no flushing after every use, suitable for all foam compounds

More and more fire departments rely on foam in extinguishing operations. And rightly so, because if foam compound is added to the firefighting water, it ensures more effective firefighting and brings a number of other advantages: In many cases it is possible to fight fires with less extinguishing agent and thus save the precious resource water. Faster extinguishing successes can be achieved, the flammable material can be better suffocated by the withdrawal of oxygen, flue gas emissions are reduced, and the amount of contaminated firefighting water and water damage is decreased. The range of applications for foam in fire-fighting operations is as diverse as the tactics used in modern firefighting. This is why Rosenbauer has developed the RFC Admix Variomatic, a new, universal direct injection foam proportioning system that can be used to meet the fire departments' most diverse requirements. The name says it all: the RFC Admix Variomatic, stands for maximum variability in foam use.

Individually configurable
The RFC Admix Variomatic is an electrically driven, electronically controlled direct injection foam proportioning system for municipal use. The system works with 24 V, the foam compound is delivered by a gear pump and the foam is proportioned directly at the pressure outlets after the water pump. The RFC Admix Variomatic, is available in three sizes with delivery rates of 12, 24, and 48 l/min with the same compact design of 480 x 485 x 400 mm (H x W x D). The proportioning rate can be steplessly preset between 0.1% and 6%. The system can be designed as a single or multi-channel unit, and up to four injection points can be supplied simultaneously. What's more, the variability goes so far that with the multi-channel RFC Admix Variomatic the proportioning rate for the injection points can also be selected differently.

Preset at the push of a button
Operation of the RFC Admix Variomatic is carried out via the Rosenbauer RBC LCS operating system. The modular system consists of a 3.5" or 10" large, high-resolution and very bright display with glove-compatible keypads and endless rotary switch. The logical structure and comprehensible menu navigation with color-coded functions as well as the highlighting of the main control elements always allow intuitively correct and safe operation. All relevant information such as the set proportioning rates and the supplied discharge outlets as well as the foam compound consumption are clearly shown on the displays.

A quick-start function is available for standard use, where a pre-configured setting - for example: 1% proportioning ratio, injection point 1 at the discharge outlet in equipment compartment 6, supply via foam tank 1 - can be activated at the touch of a button. A practice mode is also integrated to save foam compound in training. The operator calls up the practice mode and operates the RFC Admix Variomatic as in operation, which sucks in water via the flushing line instead of foam compound.

Automatic venting, flush less often
As soon as the RFC Admix Variomatic is started, a pressure sensor ensures that the system sucks in automatically until it is completely and reliably vented and the pressure is built up. This has the advantage that different foam compounds can be used and no foam compound is lost as with manual venting. But you can also vent them at the touch of a button.

Another great advantage, especially with frequent use, is that the RFC Admix Variomatic does not need to be flushed after every use. This means it is ready for use again more quickly! In addition, the automatic flushing process takes place when the centrifugal pump is switched off, so that only little water is used.

Universal system
As a direct injection proportioning system, the RFC Admix Variomatic offers a very wide range of applications from wetting agent operation with the smallest proportioning quantities (0.1 l/min) to the production of light, medium, and heavy foam. In contrast to a premixing system, the water pump remains free of foam compound, which means that time-consuming flushing processes are not required after each foam use. In addition, the RFC Admix Variomatic provides foam only on the discharge outlets that the fire crew wants to use in the field, the others can be operated in parallel with water. Another major advantage is that practically all foam compounds available today can be used, including the modern alternatives of fluorine-containing foam compounds, which are extremely viscous at reduced delivery rates. The RFC Admix Variomatic thus meets the requirements of professional and voluntary fire departments alike and is recommended as a universal direct injection proportioning system that offers everything that is important in modern foam use.

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