Press release, June 2, 2021

HEROS H30 – the new, "smart" firefighting helmet from Rosenbauer

  • ​​​​​Maximum protection for firefighting in buildings and technical rescue operations
  • High wearing comfort due to minimal weight and optimal adaptation to the head shape
  • With integrated helmet lamp, forward-looking infrared camera, and a new position light

Rosenbauer launches the HEROS H30, a new protective helmet for fire departments. The 3/4 helmet offers maximum safety with minimum weight. It meets the highest protection levels of EN 443 for inside fire attacks and, at approx. 1,235 grams (without attachments), weighs significantly less than comparable type A helmets. Especially during longer periods of use, every gram that does not put additional weight on the wearer's head matters.

The new helmet has the same technical features as the performance full-face helmet HEROS Titan, including adjustment for perfect fit, equipment with mask-helmet combination, helmet radio, helmet lamp, and forward-looking infrared camera. Hearability with the helmet is even slightly better due to the different lateral contour. In addition, the HEROS H30 is the first type A helmet with a position light integrated into the helmet shell, which increases the visibility of the emergency crews in situations without any external lighting. An RFID chip is also integrated into the helmet, which can be used to keep a logbook (storage, washing service, repair).

Always visible
The new position light ensures that HEROS H30 wearers can be seen from the first minute of deployment, not just after the deployment lighting has been installed. It is simply clipped into the holder provided above the rotary knob and powered by a standard 3A battery. It lights up red to the rear when switched on and can be switched to continuous or flashing light at the push of a button. Every HEROS H30 can also be retrofitted with this lighting fixture.

Protective design
The elegant integration of the position light in the rear helmet structure demonstrates how protection and design come together in the HEROS H30 to form a sophisticated package. This also applies to the helmet shell made of high-performance material, whose stiffening corrugations not only ensure high stability, but also provide it with a very dynamic look. The helmet protects against prolonged heat radiation and effectively withstands impacts and sharp objects even at a helmet temperature of 300 °C. Even with brief (10 seconds) full flame impingement at 1,000 °C, the protective function remains fully intact. It also provides insulation against electrical hazards and arc faults (Gt29) and is resistant to chemicals. A highly efficient, heat-resistant damping insert minimizes impact energy, and the integrated edge protection protects the helmet edge against damage.

Two high-quality visors are available for the HEROS H30, a large face protector, and an elegant eye protector. Both comply with EN 14458 and are designed in the highest optical class 1, which offers not only appropriate protection but also visual support. The transparent face shield is included in the standard scope of delivery, the eye protector (transparent or tinted) is available optionally. 

Perfect fit
Every head is different, so the HEROS H30 offers numerous adjustment options for the perfect fit for head sizes 49 to 67 and above if needed. The wearing height can be varied, the headband adjusted to the head circumference, and the chin strap can be adjusted without tools and in just a few steps. The width adjustment (contact pressure) is made via the external rotary knob on the rear side of the helmet, a proven feature of HEROS helmets. 

The balance on the head can be adjusted by aligning the helmet's center of gravity precisely with the body's longitudinal axis. And the distance to the visors, important for eyeglass wearers, can also be selected individually. At the same time, the ingenious arrangement of the interior fittings of the HEROS H30 provides so much space under the helmet shell that the two visors can be swiveled inward and, if necessary, even hearing protection can be worn during deployment.

Ideal fleet solution
The interior fittings of the HEROS H30 consists of only about ten parts, which are easy to maintain, quick to change, and easy to clean. The helmet can be washed at 60 °C in any standard industrial washing machine. Furthermore, many components, such as the headband and the textiles of the interior fittings, the front panel, the lamp holder and the helmet lamp as well as the rotary knob for the width adjustment are identical to the HEROS Titan. The components can be interchanged and reused on a 1:1 basis, allowing spare parts management to be optimized and a pool solution to be implemented in terms of deployment hygiene.

With the HEROS H30 3/4 helmet, Rosenbauer is setting a new standard for type A helmets. It can be ordered now, and the first helmets will be delivered from the end of August.

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