Press release, August 19, 2020

Nozzle Innovation

With the new RTE FX nozzle, Rosenbauer is expanding its range of nozzles to include a high-end firefighting tool

  • Unique fast attack design with a cubic shape for intuitively correct and simple handling in every operational scenario
  • Initial fast attack setting for immediate indoor fire attacks with steplessly adjustable dosing of the flow rate
  • Solid and maintenance-free design made of high-quality materials that is ergonomically optimized for operation with gloves

The new Rosenbauer RTE FX nozzle combines uncompromising technology, state of the art material and manufacturing quality, and a brand new, innovative operating concept. Its cubic design is unique on the market and allows even inexperienced emergency personnel to immediately and intuitively understand all of its functionalities. Thanks to the interference-free design, all surfaces are aligned parallel in the fast attack position, and the nozzle is automatically pre-set for indoor fire attacks: 235 l/min with a medium spray jet and a spray angle of approx. 40 degrees. This means that nozzle operators are optimally prepared for firefighting from the first moment. Even in completely smoke-filled rooms, in the dark, and even with absolute zero visibility, this basic setting guarantees safe operation of the nozzle. The intuitive handling makes operating errors extremely unlikely and thus reduces the training effort required, which is particularly advantageous for volunteer fire brigades.

Stepless Fine-tuning
With the RTE FX nozzle, the amount of water discharged can be finely adjusted by means of a slide valve. As a result, a clean stream pattern and high extinguishing flexibility is achieved through quick opening and closing. The valve is operated via a clip that has been optimized in terms of length and shape for a comfortable grip. When the valve is closed, this clip points to the front and can be steplessly moved to the rear until the full flow rate is achieved. Three maximum flow rates can be pre-set: 40, 130, and 235 l/min for the RTE FX 235 EN nozzle and 130, 235, and 400 l/min for the RTE FX 400 EN (measured at 6 bar on the nozzle tip). 

The stream pattern is altered at the top of the spray head. The interference-free RTE FX comes with the medium spray angle preset, which has an ideal ratio of throw range and jet width for indoor fire attacks. If you turn the adjusting ring to the left, the stream jet pattern becomes increasingly solid, which enables safe firefighting over greater distances as a result of the correspondingly higher throw ranges (up to 35 m for the RTE FX 235 EN or 41 m for the RTE FX 400 EN). When turned to the right, it becomes an increasingly wider spray jet, which can be used as a shield of water to protect emergency crews in a so-called 'water curtain'. The rotating parts are designed in such a way that a fine transition is possible across the entire jet range, from solid jet to protective agent envelope. Not only this, but it can be done without having to adjust your grip.

Robust Design, Perfect Handling
High-quality materials (anodized aluminum, stainless steel, glass-fiber-reinforced plastic), and innovative design elements make the RTE FX a highly robust and maintenance-free piece of equipment. The spray head has a fixed aluminum toothed ring and an FX absorber with built-in suspension in the front, which absorbs the energy that impacts the nozzle, for example when a window is smashed. 

The FX ERGO handle features knobs for optimal gripping when wearing fire fighting gloves, and it has finger recesses for intuitive hand positioning. In addition, the handle design - tapering to the front, widening towards the rear - ensures safe and fatigue-free working as the pressure is evenly distributed across the hand, preventing the grip from twisting. 

A practical transport lug is located on the rear, which allows the nozzle to be hooked, e.g., so that it can be dragged up stairs more easily for faster advancement.

Rounding off the Range
The new RTE FX nozzle will be launched on the market at the beginning of September and is intended to round off the top-end of the Rosenbauer nozzle range. This range includes products with outputs between 17 and 700 l/min, for normal pressure (SELECT FLOW) and high pressure (NEPIRO), as well as the PRO JET special nozzle. With this range of products, Rosenbauer is able to offer fire services around the world the perfect nozzle for every scenario.  The new RTE FX is also designed in such a way that it can be correctly operated both immediately and intuitively. It makes a pivotal contribution when it matters most in firefighting.

In addition, the new products can also be admired digitally from around the world as part of a virtual campaign. In keeping with the spirit of the times, Rosenbauer also demonstrates its digital competence here. To the new Rosenbauer RTE FX nozzle:

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