Press release, September 13, 2022

30 Years of HEROS Firefighting Helmets

With more than one million helmets sold in over 140 countries, Rosenbauer's HEROS is one of the most successful firefighting helmets in the world.

The HEROS' success story began in 1992. After communicating intensively with fire departments as well as a development phase lasting several years, Rosenbauer presented its first own firefighting helmet based on a new type of helmet shell made of plastic. This makes it one of the most modern helmets on the market, featuring good shock absorption, a large protection area, good adjustment options, and excellent electrical insulation.


When the then new European standard for firefighting helmets EN443:1997 came into force five years later, the HEROS could be certified immediately because it already met all the requirements. Since then, each new generation of Rosenbauer helmets has set the technological benchmark by optimally combining the three most important characteristics of firefighting helmets: maximum protection, optimal wearing comfort, and a perfect fit.


The second generation


In 2005, the next generation, the HEROS-xtreme, was launched. The new top helmet combined the flexibility and impact resistance of thermoplastics with a previously unattained heat and flame resistance and achieved top values in the toughest standard tests. It is also certified according to NFPA 1971 (HEROS-XT) and, for many years, has been the only European firefighting helmet to meet the strict regulations of the US standard.


In 2010, the Rosenbauer HEROS family is extended with the addition of a type A helmet (three-quarter shell), the HEROS Smart. Together with the HEROS-xtreme, it is certified according to the more stringent EN443:2008 (structural firefighting), as well as EN16471 and EN 16473 (wildland fire fighting and technical rescue).


The third generation


In 2015, Rosenbauer introduced a new premium product, the HEROS Titan. For the first time, a firefighting helmet borrowed from bionics to strengthen its structure, and the wearing comfort is optimized in cooperation with ergonomists. The helmet also sets new standards with the helmet lamp integrated into the helmet shell and the option of attaching a thermal imaging camera instead of the lamp.


The latest innovation is the HEROS H30, presented the previous year as the successor to the HEROS Smart. The HEROS H30 is a Type A helmet with the same DNA as the HEROS Titan, but significantly shorter and lighter. In addition, it is the first firefighting helmet that can be equipped with a position light which shines to the rear to increase the visibility of emergency crews.


The brand name


What distinguishes the HEROS helmets first and foremost are their protective properties. HEROS Titan and HEROS H30 meet the strictest standard specifications, reliably protect their wearers from high heat radiation during structural firefighting, and can withstand full flame exposure of more than 1,000 °C for a short time. Even falling or pointed objects cannot damage a hot helmet; spring-suspended and absorbent interior fittings minimize the impact energy on the head in an emergency. In addition, the helmets are tested for chemical resistance and insulation against electrical hazards and arc faults.


The helmet shell of HEROS Titan and HEROS H30 is made of a special polymer with fibre glass reinforcement that combines high temperature resistance, impact resistance, and sustained durability. Bionic structural optimizations (bead stiffeners) make the helmet shell a weight-optimized high-tech component with very high strength and also give the helmet a very dynamic look.


Safety and comfort


Maximum safety with minimum weight, that is the successful formula of the HEROS helmet family, which also includes the HEROS Matrix, certified according to EN16471, EN 16473 as well as ISO 16073, protective equipment for wildland firefighting and technical rescue. Every gram less weighing on a firefighter's head makes a difference and increases comfort, especially for longer operations. At approx. 1,400 g for the HEROS Titan, 1,235 g for the HEROS H30, and 970 g for the HEROS Matrix (without attachments), Rosenbauer helmets are among the lightest on the market and, thanks to special comfort padding, are particularly fatigue-free and comfortable to wear.


In addition to low weight, the HEROS helmet family is also distinguished by its ergonomic interior fittings. It consists of about ten parts that are easy to replace and maintain and can be individually adapted to the shape of the head. Only a few steps are required for the perfect fit: the width adjustment is made via the proven HEROS knob on the outside of the helmet, the fine-tuning via the interior fittings. For example, the wearing height can be adjusted exactly to suit individual habits, and the browband so precisely that it fits the head to the fullest extent.  The center of gravity of the helmet can also be changed depending on the attachments and aligned exactly with the longitudinal axis of the body. The helmet thus remains balanced with every movement, and the weight of the helmet is always evenly distributed on the head. The distance between the visor and the nose, important for eyeglass wearers, can be also be adjusted.


In use worldwide


HEROS, the Rosenbauer brand stands not only for firefighting helmets of the highest quality but also for complete helmet systems with numerous add-ons. In addition to mask adapters, neck protection, two high-quality visors (one large-area face protection visor and one eye shield), and various radio communication sets, this also includes the helmet camera integrated into the helmet shell and the thermal imaging camera that can be attached to the same holder.


Hundreds of thousands of emergency crews from around the world rely on the HEROS firefighting helmet. Since its market launch 30 years ago, more than one million units have already been sold. The helmets shipped to over 140 countries and are used by fire departments from North to South America, Northern Europe to South Africa, in Asia and Australia. This makes the HEROS one of the most internationally successful firefighting helmets of all time.


HEROS on request


Since last year, HEROS firefighting helmets can also be purchased via the Rosenbauer online shop. A configurator allows the helmets to be configured according to your requirements and needs, with all parts of the extensive helmet system available (visors, neck guard, mask adapter, helmet lamp, position light, etc.) as well as numerous colors, helmet trims, crests, and inscriptions. HEROS firefighting helmets in the online shop – just a click away:


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