August 26, 2019

Press release

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Rescue and Firefighting Vehicle based on the Concept Fire Truck Australian pre-series foundation partner announced

  • Rosenbauer Australia and the ACT1 Government together with the ACT Emergency Services Agency confirm innovative partnership
  • Innovation project will enable ACT Government to receive the regions first plug-in hybrid electric rescue and firefighting appliance
  • Plug-in hybrid electric fire engine based on Concept Fire Truck technology to enter operational service at the end of 2022

1ACT: Australian Capital Territory


Rosenbauer Australia, a company of the Rosenbauer Group, and the ACT Government, plan to jointly refine a plug-in hybrid electric fire engine for operational service in the next two years. To this end, representatives from both sides met at the annual Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council “AFAC” conference held in Melbourne, Victoria on the 28th August to announce they have entered into a contract based on an “innovation partnership”. The partnership will be responsible for carrying out the project development of an electric rescue and firefighting vehicle and, following a successful trial of the first vehicle operationally, series production vehicles may follow accordingly.


“The partnership between the ACT Government and Rosenbauer will engineer a fire truck that’s far more environmentally-friendly than our current fleet while being well designed for our fire fighter’s needs. This is a substantial step that will help move the ACT closer to achieving a zero net greenhouse gas emissions target by 2045. It is another example of ground-breaking technology right here in Canberra, further cementing the ACT as a world leader in innovation and sustainability.” said Minister Mick Gentleman MLA.


“This exciting initiative together with the ACT Government and ACT Emergency Services Agency not only sets in motion the wheels of change. It completely challenges the conventional way of thinking” said Cameron Bettany, Regional Sales Manager at Rosenbauer Australia. At a time when climate change and the effects of natural disasters are at all-time highs, the emotional and physical impacts to our firefighters and emergency services personnel simply cannot be ignored. Through the development of the plug-in hybrid electric fire appliance, Rosenbauer sets new standards for the safety and wellbeing of our firefighters. With smart cab, design and fully integrated systems coupled with alternative electric drive train technology. Based on the CFT technology a completely new type of vehicle architecture is realised and will be designed ground up to cater for the needs of the fire services into the future.


Global market for innovative CFT technology estimated to reach around 3,200 vehicles by 2030

The “Concept Fire Truck” by Rosenbauer was presented to the public for the first time in 2016. The concept study anticipates megatrends such as global warming, demographic change and urbanisation, as well as the challenges these changes pose for fire brigades. The use of electric drives has enabled the creation of a completely new type of vehicle architecture that is fully adapted to these future scenarios and sets new standards in terms of functionality and ergonomics. The main field of application for CFT technology is initially the municipal firefighting engine, but plans are also in place for it to subsequently be transferred to other types of vehicle. The “Concept Fire Truck” attracted particular interest from the member states of the “C40 Cities Climate Leadership Goals”, which aim to adopt a leading role in climate protection; talks with further model regions are ongoing.

Rosenbauer estimates that the globally installed base with technology similar to the CFT will reach around 3,200 vehicles by 2030; in Europe, as many as 700 to 800 units could be in use by 2025.


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