Why choose the HEROS Titan Pro?

With more than 150 years of experience in the firefighting industry, Rosenbauer is a global manufacturer of firefighting equipment and vehicles. Currently Rosenbauer contains 18 production facilities worldwide, that use modern production methods and defined quality standards. In addition, 20 sales and service organizations comprehensive assistance for Rosenbauer products, including maintenance, training and refurbishment.

The HEROS firefighting helmets protect the lives of hundreds of thousands of emergency crews all over the world. The HEROS Titan Pro offers reliable protection under the toughest of operating conditions: no other helmet combines toughness and outstanding wearing comfort the way the HEROS Titan Pro does.

Safety & comfort

It’s time to put safety and comfort ahead of tradition

Comfort and safety under extreme conditions

  • New design provides for maximum safety and outstanding comfort
  • Padded ratchet system for increased comfort
  • Better balance for less neck and shoulder strain
  • Integrates well with all SCBA facepieces

The safest helmet in the fire industry

The extension of the helmet along the side of the wearer's head provides additional protection in a critical area.
This design reduces the severity of any side impact.

  • Helmet profile provides increased side impact protection
  • Reduces chances of entanglement in confined spaces

Perfect fit for all operations

Light materials – maximum wearing comfort
Minimum weight with maximum protection – that's what sets the HEROS Titan Pro firefighting helmet from Rosenbauer apart. At approx. 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg), it is so light that it maintains a comfortable and secure fit even after a long period. The newly developed "Dynamic Line" provides high stability at lowest weight.

One helmet shell for all sizes
An additional highlight of the HEROS Titan Pro is its wide range of sizes. Thanks to a vast size selection from 6 1/8 to 8 1/4 US (49 to 67 cm), every fire fighter can have a perfectly fitting helmet.

Ease of servicing
With only 10 components, handling, washing, or changing the internal fittings of the protective helmet can be done quickly. Disassembly of individual components does not require tools and all settings can be adjusted without removing the interior fittings. The helmet is easy to service, all components are detachable and washable.

Easy adjustment

A perfect fit in just 5 steps

The best protection is that which is not felt.

The HEROS Titan Pro from Rosenbauer ensures a perfect fit with its innovative concept. Adjusting the internal fittings of the new full protection helmet for a perfect fit is possible in just a few steps.

  1. Wear height
    The wearing height can be adjusted in the internal fittings thanks to the headbands. The wearing height is easiest to adjust when the interior fittings are removed.
  2. Headbands
    The headband can be adjusted on both sides to three different stages.
  3. Chin strap padding
    The position of the chin strap padding near the ears is also adjustable.
  4. Rotary knob
    The wear comfort can now be adjusted at any time using the external rotary knob - very easily, even when wearing firefighting gloves.
  5. Optimized center of gravity
    The optimized center of gravity is also new and unique to the HEROS Titan Pro. The helmet can be optimally aligned to the body's center of gravity by pressing the helmet shell away from or closer to the interior fittings. The distance to the visor is also quick and easy to adjust.

The optional reduction set enables safe and simple adaptation to especially small head sizes. Handling is easier than ever before thanks to the labeling of all adjustment options directly on the helmet.

Mask fastening

Suitable for all common respirator masks.