April 7, 2021

Relocation of Rosenbauer Brandschutz Deutschland

Everything new in Mogendorf

In order to create more office space and to make warehousing and logistics more efficient, Rosenbauer Brandschutz Deutschland moved two streets down to Krugbäckerstrasse from its old location in Mogendorf at the end of 2020. With a floor space of almost 2,000m2, the new office space is not only significantly larger, but also brighter and more modern.

The warehouse has also been incorporated into the new location. This means that construction sites can be supplied with material more efficiently in the future. In addition, the material flow has been realigned, and the layout of the two halls redesigned. "We practically planned all of the logistics from scratch, and took the opportunity to carry out structural optimization and adjust the production processes where possible," says Andreas Steindl, Head of Central Technics.

With the move to the new office building and the redesign of the logistics, another step into the future has been taken. Thanks to the huge commitment of the employees, all of this could be achieved in record time.

Rosenbauer Brandschutz Deutschland GmbH can now be found at the following address:

Krugbäckerstrasse 3
56424 Mogendorf
Phone: +49 2623-9642-0