The innovative power package

The Rosenbauer BEAVER portable pump impresses with low weight, compact dimensions and is equipped with a new priming pump. With a weight of only 112 kg, it can be carried by two people without any problems.

The BEAVER fire pump is certified according to DIN 14466:2005 as PFPN 10-750.


Impresses with

  • Low weight
  • Canister tank
  • Fully functional priming pump

Impressive performance

The BEAVER impresses with an output of 750 l/min at 10 bar or 1,000 l/min at 8 bar.

It meets the European standard for portable pumps EN 14466 for the type: PFPN 10 - 750 (750 l/min at 10 bar).

Low weight



  • Dry weight: 112 kg
  • Ready for operation (tanks full): 130 kg

Carrying comfort


  • Balanced weight distribution
  • Four folding handles
  • Removable canister tank

Easy operation

  • Reliable starting behavior of the engine in the most varied of environmental conditions
  • Gas adjustment via hand lever
  • E-starter from factory
  • Semi-automatic venting facility
  • Pressure gauge on suction and pressure side

Easy refueling

  • No fixed tank on the portable pump
  • Bracket for steel canister
  • Different tank sizes optional (10 or 20 l)
  • Safe refueling in operation
  • Fuel supply guaranteed by swapping canisters
  • The time frame to swap canisters in operation is approx. 40 s .


  • Rotating pressure outlets
  • Overheat protection

Rotating pressure outlets


Both pressure outlets can be rotated without any tools to ease the guidance of pressure hoses in tight situations.

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Mechanical overheat protection


  • Reliably prevents the pump from overheating if water is no longer being suctioned, even after a long period
  • Thermo valve opens at 60 °C water temperature - fresh water is sucked in and the pump is cooled
  • Protection against scalding - water can achieve a maximum of 60°C
  • Protects pump against overheating -> Vapour bubbles formation in the water -> Cavitation -> Damage to the impeller
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