Normal pressure pump 

Highest performance for the highest demands

The single-stage normal pressure pump is impressive with high water discharge quantities of up to 10,000 l/min at 10 bar. The expansion of the N100 with a 4-stage H5 high pressure pump increases the punch of the fire pump unit many times over. In doing so, the normal pressure and the full high pressure pump output can be used at the same time.

The N100 application ranges from airport and industrial vehicles to stationary fire pump units for hydrant power supply.

Impresses with

  • Highest pump performance in the normal and/or high pressure range
  • The FOAMATIC E around-the-pump foam proportioning system and HYDROMATIC and MIXMATIC balcancepressure foam proportioning systems can be integrated
  • Highest priming performance with piston priming pump KAP 600

Technical data

  • Single stage normal pressure pump
  • Sealing via lomaintenance-free mechanical sealing
  • Design of the normal pressure housing as spiral housing with integrated diffuser for highest possible efficiency
  • Output of up to 10,000 l/min at 10 bar
  • Four-stage high pressure pump (optional)
  • Design as centrifugal pump for the smallest pressure shocks
  • High pressure output 400 l/min at 40 bar

Piston priming pump (PPP)

  • KAP 600
  • KAP 600 automatic priming

Due to the unique drive system, the priming pump is always on stand-by to reduce wear and can be switched on if required.

  • High priming performance
  • Safe to operate thanks to oil bath lubrication and inlet/outlet valves made from extremely resistant plastic
  • Resistant to waste water
  • Fail-safe thanks to dual piston redundancy


The priming pump is driven over a V-belt from the pump shaft of the N100. The priming pump is pressed downward using a pneumatic cylinder during the priming process, whereby the belt is tensioned and the priming process begins. The tension on the priming pump is released to end the process.

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The optional automatic priming offers maximum operational safety during water supply.

The priming process starts automatically - the pneumatic cylinder that tensions the KAP 600 is pressurized with air.

The priming process is stopped if a pressure of approx. 1.5 bar accumulates in the pump, in that the pneumatic cylinder is deactivated - the priming process is stopped.

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The N100 can be designed for the following drive versions:

SAE1 connection:

  • For direct assembly on a diesel engine without additional gear-box. This guarantees the shortest possible installation space for motor/pump units.

Cardan shaft drive without gear-box: 

  • Economical, direct cardan shaft drive

Cardan shaft drive with gear-box: 

  • An optional helical cut gear-box is available for installation situations which do not permit a direct cardan shaft or engine connection to the N100.
  • The gearbox can be optionally designed for left- or right-turning power take-offs. As a result, two transmission ratios (1.23 and 1.49) and a potentially necessary change to the direction of rotation are achieved.
  • The gear-box runs in a water-cooled oil bath for continuous power transmission.

Auxiliary equipment

Depending on requirements, the N100 normal pressure pump can be combined with the following auxiliary equipment:

  • H5 high pressure pump
  • KAP 600 priming pump
  • FOAMATIC E around-the-pump foam proportioning system

H5 high pressure pump

The expansion of the N100 with a 4-stage H5 high pressure pump increases the punch of the pump unit many times over.


In doing so, the normal pressure and the full high pressure pump output can be used at the same time.

  • The pump shaft of the N100 normal pressure pump drives the high pressure pump
  • Robust and operationally safe – no clutch or tension pulleys
  • Switching the high pressure on and off by tensioning the drive belt
  • High pressure pump also made as centrifugal pump
  • Thus making it resistant to contamination
  • Smaller pressure surges through flat pump characteristics
  • Very good foam qualities from high-pressure

Automatic FOAMATIC E around-the-pump foam proportioning system

The FOAMATIC E automatic around-the-pump foam proportioning system is available for the N100.


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