Foam pressure proportioning system 

Highest precision for the smallest proportioning quantities

The Rosenbauer DIGIMATIC is an electrically driven, electronically controlled foam compound positive-pressure proportioning system for the normal pressure range.

This system is characterized by the smallest proportioning quantities, especially for wetting agent use.

Impresses with

  • Water pump free of foam
  • Smallest proportioning quantities, especially for wetting agent operation
  • Easiest operation
  • Usage of most varied of foam compound sources


The DIGIMATIC is an electrically driven, electronically controlled additive direct injection foam proportioning system.


The flow of water at each outlet, at  which the foam compound should be mixed, is recorded by a flow meter. The DIGIMATIC is controlled and the corresponding foam compound quantity mixed depending on the set flow and proportioning ratio.


The system  consists  of  membrane pumps and achieves a  minimum proportioning volume of only  0.1 l/min. An additional impeller pump guarantees the best possible external suction.


The proportioning rate can be adjusted continuously from 0.1% to 6%.


There is also the option of  selectively injecting at two different injection points.


Can be selectively primed from  three foam compound sources (two foam compound tanks and one  external suction).


This system  offers a very wide spectrum of proportioning volumes. A highly efficient electric motor generates a maximum proportioning volume of 42 l/min. Furthermore, the motor can be very precisely controlled, whereby very small revolutions are possible. This means that the  membrane pump can deliver a minimum proportioning volume of only  0.1 l/min. An additional impeller pump guarantees the best possible external suction.

  • Continuous proportioning adjustment from 0.1 to 6%
  • Minimum proportioning ratio of 0.1 l/min - specially suited for wetting agent use
  • Maximum output of 42 l/min allows for a  wide  application range


  • Broad application range due to wide spectrum of minimum and maximum proportioning volumes (from wetting agent operation with 0.1 l/min up to turret operation or operation of multiple discharge outlets with up to 42 l/min of foam compound)
  • Conventional foam attack without additional proportioning
  • Indication of the proportioning ratio  incl. assistance, if exceeding the working range
  • Retention of the set proportioning ratio, regardless of pressure and flow
  • All foam compounds with a viscosity of 150 cSt have a wide application range (foam compounds with higher viscosity available upon request)

Injection points

Different injection points are optional:

One injection point

  • For one or two normal pressure outlets
  • In the connection line from normal to high pressure - resulting in foam at high pressure (high-pressure pump flooded with foam)

Two injection points

  • Optional injection in the relevant injection point just selected
  • One flow meter is provided per injection point


  • One normal pressure outlet on the left  or one normal pressure outlet on the right
  • One normal pressure outlet or a normal pressure reel
  • One normal pressure outlet or a monitor outlet
  • One normal pressure outlet or injection into the connecting line to high pressure 

Three injection points with DIGIMATIC42

  • Up to three injection points optionally possible with DIGIMATIC42.
  • With three injection points, however, only one foam compound tank can be filled with the DIGIMATIC.


  • Use of multiple foam concentrate sources (two foam tanks and  draft operation possible) -  provision of foam compounds for the most varied of operating conditions - one proportioning ratio can be pre-defined per foam concentrate source
  • Foam concentrate tank filling via the foam compound pump
  • Various injection points can be selected
  • Operation withLCS 2.0Standard operation (with key panel) or LCS 2.0 high-end operation (with display - available for Rosenbauer vehicles)
  • Electrical emergency operation for DIGIMATIC42

Easy operation

  • Operation with LCS 2.0 standard operation (with control panel) or LCS 2.0 high-end operation (with display) similar to pump operation - best implementation in vehicle and pump operation
  • Display of the set proportioning rate
  • Display of water and foam compound consumption
  • Display of warnings, for example, if the proportioning ratio can no longer be achieved
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