Roll-on/roll-off containers

Hazardous material (HAZMAT) and decontamination 

Mobile, autonomous device carrier

The roll-on/roll-off containers represent an individual solution commensurate with the operational tactics for the Rosenbauer body concept. The equipment package required for the respective operational purpose is combined on mobile, autonomous device carries, which make possible the easy and flexible switching at the scence as well as the transport of heavy equipment into the danger area. Even loading into the vehicle is fast and easy.

Impresses with

  • Individual and mobile solutions
  • Compact and transparent storage
  • Organization of the equipment for technical operations
  • Fast and easy operation

Advantages of roll-on/roll-off containers:


  • More security for the team and materials thanks to the compact and transparent equipment storage
  • Increased equipment lifetime through adapted sockets
  • Fast and easy single person operation, equipment organized for tactical operations
  • Flexible logistics system with standardized palette size (1200 x 800 mm) and variable vehicle fixation
  • High-quality design using stainless materials
  • Best mobility with two brake wheels and castors each

Roll-on/roll-off containers tent

  • Rosenbauer emergency tent with vertical partitions
  • Equipped with pressure reducer, SBCA bottle, tent blower, tent lamp
  • Corresponds to the decon color coding system with base tarps in red, yellow and green

Roll-on/roll-off containers DECON shower

  • Rosenbauer decon shower wtih pressure reducer and SCBA bottle
  • Storz D-hose with lengths of 5 m and 10 m
  • Corresponds to the decon color coding system with base tarps in red, yellow and green

Roll-on/roll-off containers warm water shower

  • Water heater with 20 l fuel canister
  • Rosenbauer compact shower with accessories
  • Water supply pump system
  • Storz D-hose with lengths of 5 m and 10 m
  • Component plans in yellow

Roll-on/roll-off containers collection

  • Stainless steel trough 61 x 41 x 18 cm
  • 100 l polyester oil and acid tank with cover
  • 15 l stainless steel bucket
  • Chemical binder
  • Chemical binder towels
  • 3000 l open collection tank with packsack
  • Garbage bags with cable tie
  • Component plans

Roll-on/roll-off containers sealing

  • Pipe stoppers
  • Leak-tight cushions
  • Leak-tight bandages
  • Accessories (pressure reducer, SCBA bottle, inceptor, discharge hose)
  • Pipe sealing collars
  • Wood or plastic tank sealing liner
  • Leak-tight paste, lead wool, manhole covers

Roll-on/roll-off containers pumps

  • ELRO hose pump
  • Accessories for hose pump and replacement parts
  • Chemical hose, 5 m
  • Various coupling parts and adapters
  • Intake strainer and outlet pipe
  • Grounding material

Roll-on/roll-off containers electricity

  • Rosenbauer RS 14 power generator
  • Accessories: refueling set, exhaust hose, canister, filler necks
  • Cable reels
  • Extension cord, adapter cable
  • Floodlight
  • Support bridges
  • Telescopic tripod
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