The distress unit is specifically designed for useres of breathing apparatus, working in potentially hazardous wnviroments. It is certified to explosion proof class: Ex EEx ib IIC T4 CE.

A clear identification window provides the opportunity for specific identification of the SUPER PASS user through the ability to personalise keys with pictures, names, numbers, dept. ID, bar codes, etc. The identification window is protected through a transperent covering.

The SUPER PASS is designed to automatically turn on when removed from the storage position. When there is lack of motion for approx. 18-23 seconds, the unit will go into pre-alert mode. Then the yellow wig-wag display is interrupted by intermittend pulsing of four red LEDs accompanied by a progressive louder sweeping pre-alert audio signal. The longer the unit is in pre-alert, the louder the sweeping pre-alert signal becomes, signifying the unit is closer to going into "alarm". When there is a lack of motion for approx. 30-35 seconds, the unit will go into the alarm mode (min 98 dBA to 3m). Comes complete with a non-rechargeable 9 Volt Alkaline block cell battery, MN 1604.
Colour: yellow.
Weight: 0.2 kg

CE-EMC Directive (89/336/EEC)
EN 50081-1
EN 50082-1
Ex II 1 GD

Alarm Audio Output: 98+ dB(A) at 3 meter

Version with temperature sensing:
Approximate respons time/Environement temperature:
175°C / 6 min
150°C / 8 min
120°C / 10 min
95°C / 12 min
54 x 79 x 41 mm Ingress Protection:
2 hours submersion to 1 meter 9 volt Alkaline Duracell MN 1604

Up to 100 hours battery life in Sensing mode.

item no. 41136810