Press release, August 5, 2020

New RFC POLY Extinguishing Systems

High-performance fire extinguishers with CAFS technology for the critical initial minutes

  • Technically and ergonomically optimized product family in a new, uniform design
  • Compact mobile devices and universally applicable SKID modules with up to 300 liters of extinguishing agent
  • Fast and safe control of small and incipient fires with compressed air foam

Under Rosenbauer Firefighting Components a new series of RFC POLY extinguishing systems with integrated CAFS (Compressed Air Foam Systems) is presented. The extremely versatile systems (poly = Greek for "many, multiple") enable immediate and efficient extinguishing in the critical initial minutes of a fire. They are especially suited to combating spatially defined solid and liquid fires through the expansion of the extinguishing medium, as well as for the preventative protection of objects for which a fire poses a high degree of risk. Even with minimal extinguishing agent use, the maximum extinguishing effect and increased safety against back-burning are achieved, and the risk of water damage is reduced. The devices are compact in design and easy to deploy. The mobile fire extinguishers RFC POLY PORTEX SL10 and RFC POLY TROLLEY SL50 as well as the RFC POLY SKID modules SL50-300, which are predominantly installed in vehicles, have been completely reworked, ergonomically and technically optimized, or redesigned.

High-efficiency Extinguishing Technology
RFC POLY extinguishing systems are especially effective due to the CAFS technology, and they are perfectly suitable for initial assaults. They produce high-quality compressed air foam which, compared to conventional extinguishing foam, has a significantly finer and more homogeneous structure, as well as a higher energy content. Throwing distances of around 10 (RFC POLY PORTEX) or 16 meters (RFC POLY TROLLEY and RFC POLY SKID modules) are achieved, making firefighting safer due to the fact that it can be undertaken at a greater distance from the burning object. Compressed air foam is also more stable, penetrates deeper into the flammable material, and adheres very well to smooth and vertical hot surfaces.

Immediately Ready for Use
All systems in the RFC POLY series operate independently of external energy sources and are ready for use in two quick steps. By opening the compressed air valve, water and foam compound, which is contained in a separate cartridge and therefore lasts longer than that of other systems, are mixed to form a premix. By actuating the branchpipe, foaming is activated in a separate mixing chamber and extinguishing can start immediately. 

With the new devices, different foam agent qualities can now be produced and switching back and forth between wet and dry foam is now also possible during extinguishing. Switching is made easy by simply actuating a rotary knob, which is possible even when wearing gloves.

Fast and Simple Refilling
Pressure relief for the water tank and foam agent cartridge after use is provided via a newly installed overflow line, and the two tanks are filled via easily accessible quick-release couplings. Conventional Class A and Class B foaming agents with different viscosities and concentrations (0.5%, 1.0%, 3.0%) can be used in all RFC POLY extinguishing systems. The devices are therefore ideal for extinguishing both solid (fire class A) and liquid (fire class B) fires.

Consistent Model Range
RFC POLY PORTEX SL10 is a portable CAFS fire extinguisher with an extinguishing agent quantity of 10 l (water) and an operating time of approximately 60 seconds. The back carrier can now be removed, and two newly designed ergonomic handles make handling easier. In addition, a trolley for transport to more distant locations is now available, and the extinguishing attachment to combat pyrotechnic fires has been improved. 

The RFC POLY TROLLEY SL 50 is a mobile fire extinguisher with an extinguishing agent quantity of 50 l and an operating time of approx. 80 seconds (due to a higher application rate than that of the portable version). Its handling has also been made significantly easier by the addition of a new handle, and the extinguishing lance has also been revised to improve reach for extinguishing embers or hard-to-reach areas.

The new RFC POLY SKID SL50-300 modules combine mobile and stationary devices in a uniform design with standardized extinguishing agent containers. In addition, the control panel can now be removed for easy installation in vehicles. They are available with filling quantities of 50 to 300 liters of water, enabling operating times of up to 8 minutes.

All of the new RFC POLY extinguishing systems are already available from Rosenbauer and their sales partners. The official launch was planned for this year's Interschutz, but will now take place for German-speaking territories from October 29-31, 2020 at Retter Messe Wels.

In addition, the new products can also be admired digitally from around the world as part of a virtual campaign. In keeping with the spirit of the times, Rosenbauer also demonstrates its digital competence here. To the new RFC POLY Extinguishing Systems: 

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