Large mobile fans 

Large fan with 2,500 N thrust

The FANERGY XL63S with its 2,500 N axial thrust offers high performance for large-scale emergencies. In addition to the body on a swap body frame, construction of the body on a vehicle or on a compressed air braked dual axle trailer is possible.

The fan can be rotated and swiveled and can therefore be flexibly adapted to the operating situation.

Impresses with

  • Flexibility of bodywork on trailer, swap body or vehicle
  • Fan hydraulically rotating and swiveling
  • Deutz diesel engine
  • Thrust 2,500 N

Technical data

Fan performance:Axial thrust 2,500 N
Outlet velocityapprox. 133 km/h
Volume flowapprox. 213,000 m³ air/hour
Diameter1,600 mm (63")
DriveDeutz 4-cylinder diesel engine with exhaust turbocharger and intercooling
Performance92 kW (125 hp)
Power transmissionHydrostatic drive of the fan, hydraulic lifting motion via cylinder, rotational movement electrical
BodyVehicle, swap body, trailer
Equipmentilluminated instrument panel with speed adjuster, ignition key, revolution counter, service hour meter, tank indicator, cooling water temperature, rotate fan, lever to adjust angle of inclination of the fan, 120 l diesel tank, protective grid
Design requestsWater ring 150 l/min or 300 l/min, laser pointer
L x W x H3,500 x 2,000 x 2,550 mm (fan on base frame)
Weightapprox. 3,250 kg (fan on base frame)

Design variants

  • Dual axle trailer
  • Swap body
  • Vehicle
  • Chassis: Dual axle trailer
  • Brakes: Overrun brake
  • Fan is mounted in fixed position
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  • Body of the fan on swap body
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  • Fixed body on vehicle
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  • Laser pointer
  • Water ring
  • Pressure hose
  • Help to correctly position the fan
  • Can be turned on separately via switch
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  • Airflow carries water into object
  • Improved suppression of particles
  • Flue gas cooling
  • Output 150 l/min or 300 l/min
  • Also usable in connection with pressure hose
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  • 10 m rigid pressure hose with 1,600 mm in diameter
  • Same diameter as fans for minimum pressure loss
  • Targeted diversion of airflow possible
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