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Rosenbauer Brandschutz GmbH

Fire protection systems for trade, industry and public buildings

Rosenbauer Brandschutz designs and builds complete fire protection systems throughout Europe utilizing the company’s foam extinguishing competence.On the one hand it protects expensive industrial facilities and machinery such as paint shops, recycling plants and alternative-fuel power plants, etc. However, the range also includes special systems for protecting highway tunnels, aircraft hangars or heliports.

The G&S Brandschutztechnik AG has been a company of the Rosenbauer Group since January 1, 2016 and operates in fire prevention. The Group’s head office is in Mogendorf and it has branches in Gladbeck, Hilden and Hattersheim in Germany. It designs, manufactures, installs, and services both stationary standard and special extinguishing systems (sprinkler, spray water, foam, gas, water mist, kitchen extinguishing systems) and fire alarm systems. The Group employs 130 employees.