MT Municipal

Modular Technology 

Designed specifically for municipal use.

Fire fighting vehicles with a large tank volume.

The extinguishing operations of municipal fire departments are extremely diverse: They can include fires in large buildings, in tunnels, on motorways, and also in forests or even desert areas. Water is not always available from a hydrant network. For this reason, vehicles from the MT product line with larger water tanks are particularly well-suited to supporting municipal fire departments around the world. They can be used independently and deployed anywhere - both during the initial assault and for supplying other emergency vehicles. In addition, the material properties of the independent tank vehicles even make it possible to use them for transporting drinking water. This is a great advantage when it comes to, for example, deployments in areas hit by disasters.

Impresses with

  • High degree of flexibility
  • Compact dimensions and high degree of maneuverability
  • Industrial fabrication at the highest level
  • Reliability and durability

Modular body concept

The MT models can, of course, not only be configured to carry large quantities of fire fighting water, but also carry sufficient personnel to the scene of the emergency thanks to a large crew cabin.

  • Large variable tank volume
  • Highest extinguishing performance
  • Crew cab for up to 1+8 crew
  • Large storage space with ergonomic COMFORT holding and removal system
  • Intuitive LCS operating system