Waste recycling

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The Korn Recycling recycling plant consists of over 1,200 m of conveyor belts on an area as large as 100 houses. 25 t of waste per hour are sorted in the plant. The easily flammable materials can spontaneously ignite leading to a fire rapidly spreading over the conveyor belts. A RPE POLY CAFS extinguishing system is installed to protect the plant.


Find more information about Korn Recycling's stationary extinguishing system on this page.

Impresses with

  • Rapid spark detection
  • Initiation of extinguishing process in less than 0.5 s
  • Extinguishing process during ongoing productive process
  • Self-sufficient extinguishing system
  • Completely automated extinguishing
"When decided to equip our facilities with stationary fire protection to protect the waste sorting plant and refuse derived fuel treatment plant, there was no optimum solution on the market yet. Because of the high risk of fire during the production porcess and the special requirements of the most modern treatment plant in the world, we have decided in favor of an energy independent extinguishing system and have found a reliable partner in Rosenbauer. This extinguishing system with compressed air foam constitutes the optimal protection."
Dietmar Joost Head of the Plant for the Treatment of Fuel Substitutes
Korn Recycling GmbH

Initial situation

Protection before a fire can spread

Industrial waste recycling holds a multitude of risk factors which could cause an incipient stage fire. The materials are highly flammable. The easily ignitable materials are transported in various directions of the entire plant via conveyor belts. If a spark or a hot surface ignites the material, a fire can spread like wildfire.

To minimize the risk of fire it is important to secure possible sources of ignition. Therefore the recycling plant needs a stationary fire protection system which activates within seconds. The consequences of a fire in the plant could be devastating: On the one hand causing huge expenses due to manufacturing downtime and reconstruction, and on the other hand fire poses a risk for the environment.

Extinguishing system

Fast. Efficient. Individual.

The objective of the extinguishing system design was to be tailored to the requirements of Korn Recycling. The tight delivery deadline of just 6 weeks also had to be taken into account.

Overview of the measures:

  • Protection of the conveyor belts with fixed installed piping and special nozzles
  • Additional protection through hose reels for manual operation
  • Two POLY TROLLEYS in marshaling range, to be able to immediately extinguish incipient stage fires
  • Protection of three plants in total or ten extinguishing areas with conveyor belts of 800 to 2,800 mm width
  • Precise extinguishing of incipient stage fires

According to in-depth analysis, the fully automatic RPE POLY CAFS extinguishing system proved itself to be the most effective solution, as all safety-related requirements were met by it.

  • Secured production thanks to fully automated RPE POLY CAFS extinguishing system
  • Initiation of extinguishing process within 0.5 s
  • Extinguishing during the ongoing productive process
  • Use highly efficient compressed air foam technology (CAFS)

Korn Recycling

The Korn Recycling GmbH from Albstadt-Ebingen, Germany, was founded in 1984. Their core business: waste management for industry, business, and trade as well as private households. Their vehicle fleet consists of 15 vehicles. If necessary, all sorts of containers can be moved.


Companies in Germany and abroad appreciate the high quality standards when it comes to sorting and treating the waste. Hence, the modern recycling specialist Korn has been supplying international customers in the paper, plastics, wood, as well as scrap and metal processing industries for years.


Since 2002 Korn has been producing high-quality refuse derived fuel for the cement and power plant industries.