Beverage crates storage

Stiegl reference object 

CAFS for a quicker fire out!

To protect the beverage crates storage and the packaging materials at the Stiegl Brewery, an energy self-sufficient RPE POLY CAFS extinguishing system was installed. The compressed air foam is ejected through branch pipes precisely onto the object.


Find more information about the Stiegl stationary extinguishing system on this page.

Impresses with

  • Energy self-sufficient system
  • Highest extinguishing performance through CAFS
  • CAFS foam sticks to vertical surfaces

Initial situation

Object protection in the warehouse


  • Beverage crates
  • Packaging material

Extinguishing system

Fast and safe

  • Precise extinguishing agent deployment through RPE CAFS extinguishing system
  • Output over circular pipelines
  • Manual reels with 30 m extra-light, stable textile hose

Activation of the RPE CAFS extinguishing system

  • 100 % mechanical CAFS system
  • Simple manual operation
  • Large throw ranges
  • The fire is deprived of oxygen by the CAFS foam
  • High safety against  backburning 
  • Cost-efficient acquisition and maintenance


Stiegl has been brewing beer at their brewery since 1492, with the finest spring water from nearby Untersberg. With over 700 employees, Stiegl is Austria's largest private brewery and is an independent and autonomous family firm.

The secret of their success is the highest quality in raw materials and in the production process, the most moden brewing technology in Europe, an innovative product range, acknowledging tradition, sustainability of management, handshake quality as well as the flexible decision-making structure of a family-run company.