Corporate strategy

An innovative trendsetter with social responsibility

As a branch trendsetter, with its innovations and outstanding vehicles, Rosenbauer has exerted a major influence upon the development of fire and disaster protection. Moreover, in years to come, Rosenbauer intends to pursue its claim to being a pioneer with regard to further developments in the fire fighting technology field.

With its Strategy 2030, Rosenbauer aims to change the world of firefighting. To this end, Rosenbauer is focusing on innovation and technology leadership, customer loyalty, and operational excellence.

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Rosenbauer looks to achieve a leading position in all its business areas. The Group’s primary objective is growth coupled with sustainable profits and thus a continuous increase in corporate value. 

In the course of realizing this aspiration to leadership, Rosenbauer benefits from the strengths of the group as a whole. These consist of:

  • A traditional role as an innovation and technology leader
  • The global reputation of the Rosenbauer brand 
  • A motivated workforce that offers first class performance  
  • A worldwide presence as a full-line supplier of fire service vehicles, extinguishing systems, equipment and customized services. 

A responsibility for sustainability

As a future-oriented, family-owned group, Rosenbauer actively accepts its responsibility with regard to sustainability and pays equal attention to society and the environment. The entire group is aligned with the principle of sustainability and this forms the basis for all its social and business activities. Resources are concentrated in order to focus on the areas of education & youth, the fire services and regionalism. A conservationist approach to nature and adherence to all legal statutes are matters of course. 

Code of Conduct – integrity

For Rosenbauer, compliance means the strict observance of all laws and regulatory standards including self-imposed rules and regulations regarding corporate ethics.

Compliance represents a major aspect of integrity and therefore an immovable cornerstone of Rosenbauer’s business activities. Wherever the group is active, local laws and in-company rules are to be strictly followed, above all those relating to the Rosenbauer Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct establishes obligatory, behavioral principles for all group employees. Responsible and legal conduct is a prerequisite for Rosenbauer’s success and has a decisive influence upon the reputation of the group as a whole. Rosenbauer seeks to not only achieve exemplary quality with regard to its products and processes, but also its relations with third parties.  

Quality, environment and safety

Rosenbauer supports the fire services during their highly responsible tasks with equipment that functions reliably over years and decades. Accordingly, the group secures the quality of its products and processes in a sustainable manner through an integrated management system. This is designed and accredited according to ISO and manifests itself within Rosenbauer as a dynamic process.