Large mobile fans 

Large fan with 1,000 N thrust

The FANERGY XL35 is a high pressure fan for fire fighting, powered directly from a BMW engine with an axial thrust of 1,000 N. As standard the mobile high pressure fans are installed on an overrun-braked single axle trailer and can be towed by a car.

Impresses with

  • High mobility thanks to single axle trailer
  • BMW propulsion engine
  • Thrust 1,000 N

Technical data

Fan performanceAxial thrust 1,000 N
Outlet velocityapprox. 150 km/h
Volume flowapprox. 80,000 m³ air/hour
Diameter900 mm (35")
DriveBMW boxer engine
Performance50 kW (68 hp)
Power transmissionSingle disc dry clutch, drive shaft, drive and belt drive
BodySingle axle trailer: Designed in accordance with StVO, overrun-braked, safety line, parking brake, tow bar for ball coupling, support feet
Equipment20 l gasoline tank, speed adjuster, ignition key, revolution counter, service hour meter, fuel reserve indicator, H3 floodlights 12 V 55 W, protective safety grid
Design requestsheight-adjustable tow bar with open-ended coupling.
Water ring 150 l/min or 300 l/min
L x W x H3,350 x 1,620 x 1,870 mm
Weightapprox. 900 kg




Design variants

  • Single axle trailer
  • Chassis: Single axle trailer
  • Brakes: Overrun brake
  • Fan is mounted in fixed position
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  • Height-adjustable tow bar
  • Water ring
  • Pressure hose
  • Tow-bar with open-ended coupling instead of ball coupling
  • Height-adjustable tow bar
  • For trucks used a towing vehicles
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  • Airflow carries water into object
  • Improved suppression of particles
  • Flue gas cooling
  • Output 150 l/min or 300 l/min
  • Also usable in connection with pressure hose
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  • 10 m rigid large hose with 900 mm diameter
  • Same diameter as fans for minimum pressure loss
  • Targeted diversion of airflow possible
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