Nozzles and monitors 

Safety and ergonomics in close quarters operations

It is crucial that fire fighters can 100% rely on their equipment, particularly in indoor fire fighting. The NEPIRO high pressure nozzle sets new standards with regard to extinguishing efficiency, operational safety and ergonomic design.

Impresses with

  • Optimal extinguishing effect
  • Ergonomic design
  • Excellent foam quality
  • Operational safety

optimum extinguishing efficiency

The combination of high pressure technology and O-stream nozzles enables a particularly fine atomization of the water. The small drops completely evaporate and therefore deprive the fire of the maximum heat energy. In practice, this results in the optimal effect of the extinguishing agent.

Ergonomic design

Due to the special styling of the pistol, the reactive force is directed directly to the rear hand - giving the high pressure fog gun a completely natural feel in the hand. The front hand is free to guide the nozzle or to adjust the stream pattern. With the self-closing trigger, water can be released both in small bursts as well as very finely dosed. For extended operations, the large support area allows for the comfortable resting of the NEPIRO against the crewman's body.

Excellent foam quality

The impact protection of the nozzle can be removed to lock a foam pipe (option) tightly on the pistol. Lateral air inlets, stream splitters and a baffle plate ensure excellent foam quality.

Stream patterns

The stream pattern can be adjusted to operational conditions very quickly by turning the O-stream nozzles. Only a quarter turn lies between solid jet and water curtain. Thus the entire adjustment range can be utilized without having to change the grip.

Stream patterns:

  • Full jet
  • Spray jet small 30 degrees
  • Spray jet wide 60 degrees
  • Water curtain 120 degrees

Operational safety

Anodized cast aluminum for the base body, HartCoat coated aluminum for the nozzle and a valve piston made from stainless steel make the NEPIRO durable but yet still light. A plastic coating protects the nozzle and core additionally against mechanical damage.


The flush positioning of the nozzle and the special design of the valve allows impurities with a diameter of up to 5 mm to be washed out during operation. This ensures the pistol is free of blockages.


The valve is optimized with the aid of flow calculations. An oil damping system ensures gentle closure and prevents pressure surges that stress the hose, reel and pump.


The bracked specially developed for the NEPIRO ensures safe storage of the nozzle in the vehicle.