Compact, portable, and highly effective: The RFC POLY Portex

Just as compact as a conventional fire extinguisher or stirrup pump, but with a much higher extinguishing power: The RFC POLY Portex portable CAFS fire extinguisher is also highly versatile thanks to its practical accessories.

In the event of a fire alarm in a public building, at the fire watch of a large event, or for smaller firefighting operations: with the RFC POLY Portex you are not only on scene quickly, but you also have plenty of extinguishing power available when it matters. The CAFS firefighting equipment impresses with its excellent extinguishing effect through maximum cooling, effective displacement of oxygen, and thorough penetration of the burning object. In addition to this, the excellent throw range makes it easier to keep a safe distance.

The RFC POLY Portex is also extremely easy to handle and highly efficient in operation. It is immediately ready for operation by opening the compressed air cylinder valve and, thanks to its excellent ergonomics, can also be operated while wearing protective gloves. The CAFS fire extinguisher can easily be carried to the scene of the emergency by one or two people.

Practical accessories

The RFC POLY Portex can be upgraded with a range of practical accessories. For example the tool-free trolley, which facilitates transport over longer distances - perfect in the event of a fire alarm in a larger building. The back carrier, which can also be assembled without tools, is perfect for use in confined spaces, for example at large sporting events or on rough terrain.

An extinguishing attachment for pyrotechnic fires is also available, which can be easily screwed onto the nozzle of the RFC POLY Portex. The attachment enables efficient and safe extinguishing of fireworks.

The combination of ergonomic operation, ease of transport, high extinguishing performance, and practical accessories make the RFC POLY Portex a versatile extinguishing device for a wide variety of day-to-day firefighting operations.