EMEREC in practice: "We immediately know what's happening and who's coming"

Pertisau is idyllically located in the Karwendel mountain range directly on the Achen Lake in Tyrol. Rugged mountains, secluded alpine pastures and fantastic views make it a popular tourist destination. But it is precisely this beautiful setting that can make many fire fighting operations quite challenging. This is one of the reasons that the Pertisau fire department relies on the extensive support of the EMEREC information and communication system.


The operational area of the Pertisau fire department has some particular features, such as a limited water supply. In order to be able to place a feeder line from Lake Achen into the town centre, the fire department has a reel with a 700 m hose. Even more difficult is the situation, for example, in the alpine pastures, which are located far away in side valleys and at a considerable altitude (over 1,200 m above sea level) around Pertisau. There is a lack of appropriate infrastructure for the supply of extinguishing water.

When the Pertisau fire department is called out on a mission, EMEREC plays an important role as an additional alert and information system. The EMEREC Alarm Monitor (EAM) is located in the entrance area of the equipment room, allowing every arriving fire fighter to gather the essential information about the operation. The crew is also equipped with the EMEREC Mobile Application: Via this smartphone app, the most important alerts and information are transmitted directly to the mobile phones of the emergency crews. The EMEREC Pilot Application is also used in the command vehicle - particularly for larger deployments - as a deployment information and coordination system between several fire departments.

EMEREC: For every operation

A pager is still used as the primary fire alert system by the Pertisau fire department. The EMEREC App  (EMEREC Mobile),  however, is used as an additional alerting feature - with great success. With just a glance the alerted crew sees the most important operational data and can give confirmation immediately after receipt of the alarm. Almost everyone has their mobile phone at hand nearly all the time these days. "Through alerting via smartphone, the number of emergency crews available for deployments has increased, because the alarm goes off directly in the fire fighters' pockets," says Armin Sandgruber, Commander of the Pertisau fire department.

When emergency crews go to the equipment room, their eye is caught immediately by the EMEREC Alarm Monitor in the entrance area. All relevant information is displayed on the screen. Among other things, this includes the names of fire fighters showing up for the call. Knowing the manpower available can be very useful, especially on weekdays, says the Commander.
However, EMEREC Mobile is used not only for alerts, but also during the deployment itself. The most important information about the operation (water supply, surrounding objects, etc.) can be retrieved by smartphone, as well as the route to the scene of the emergency.
For the squad, EMEREC is a big help: "The EMEREC products support us in particular in the first moments of a deployment - we can immediately see who is coming and what is happening."

EMEREC Alarm Monitor: Flexible and individual display

The new EMEREC Alarm Monitor (EAM) is based on a "widget" concept. These are freely definable windows, with which the interface of the alarm monitor can be arranged individually. In addition to classic alarm texts, alarm deployment orders, a feedback window for the crew, alerted units, or map views, web content windows (so-called I-frames) can also be integrated. Various layouts can be arranged on the web-based interface, which can then be retrieved on the end devices (smartphone, EAM, etc.).
The EMEREC Alarm Monitor is also used to display information in the command or control room. On the dynamic map display, contents such as water collection points, positional information of vehicles or terminal devices, and an automatically calculated route map suggestion can be displayed.
However, the EAM can also be utilized in downtime: the next drill, the next event, or important preliminary information (such as roadblocks, construction sites, fire engines and equipment in revision, etc.) can be displayed, providing the crew with a permanent informational advantage.

EMEREC Mobile: The App for operations

EMEREC Mobile is a smartphone App which supports crews in everyday operational procedures. This is now also available as an Apple (iOS) variant with an extended range of functions. In addition to the already existing functions, e.g. showing alert data, the crew confirmation function, visualization of the location, hydrants, and objects including additional information on a dynamic location map, there are now further possibilities. The EMEREC App can now also be used to communicate. Thus, appropriate messages in the form of texts, images, videos, and also voice recordings can be transmitted between the terminals. EMEREC Mobile is thus becoming a communication and information tool for a wide variety of operational scenarios.
EMEREC Mobile can be used independently as well as in conjunction with the EMEREC Alarm Monitor.

More safety and efficiency with EMEREC

The use of EMEREC by the Pertisau fire department shows that the targeted use of a modern information and deployment management system can generate great benefits. More information means greater safety for the crew and more efficiency in operations. And through the EMEREC Mobile App, this actually also means more personnel reporting for duty.