Press release, September 15, 2016

150 years of blazing passion

A reliable fire service partner

  • A family-owned, Austrian company looks back on 150 years of success 
  • From a fire service equipment business founded in 1866 to global market leadership

In 1866, the primary aim of the decorative metal former, Johann Rosenbauer, was already to provide the Linz fire service with the best possible equipment and to revolutionize firefighting. And 150 years later, this remains the objective of the leading international fire industry group, Rosenbauer. Leading edge vehicles for municipal, airport and industrial fire services, as well as protective equipment, fire extinguishing systems, stationary fire protection and telematics make up the group’s full-liner portfolio. Moreover during the past 150 years, through its innovative strengths Rosenbauer has been able to repeatedly win over customers around the world and thus establish new technological and design standards.

This ability was exemplified in 1991 with the unveiling of the PANTHER ARFF, which in the meantime ensures passenger safety at innumerable airports across the globe. Moreover, the company was already able to demonstrate its innovative prowess as early as 1871, when its designs for fire service ladders were awarded prizes, and again in 1910 with the delivery of the first steam pump. In 1950, the presentation of Europe’s first high-pressure water mist extinguishing system was met with a hugely positive response, as fires could be extinguished far more quickly with smaller volumes of water. This success was repeated in 1988 with the debut of the FOX portable pump, which even today remains a highly popular product among Rosenbauer’s customers.  Furthermore, in 1994 Rosenbauer triggered a genuine design revolution with the AT fire truck. AT is the abbreviation for aluminum technology and stands for aluminum superstructures, which have made fire service vehicles far lighter and more flexible. 

A branch trendsetter through innovation  

In the new millennium, Rosenbauer has continued to shine with a diversity of innovative products and has established itself as the world market leader. In addition, although the company went public in 1994, sustainable, long-term development remains the focus of its owning family. A strategy confirmed by CEO Dieter Siegel: “Our number one priority is to continue to convince our customers of our inventive capabilities with regard to fire service technology and the quality of our products. For it is outstanding innovations, which shape the future of the fire services, that have made us the fire industry trendsetter.”  

Nonetheless, it is not only cutting edge products that define Rosenbauer, but also the reliability that it demonstrates towards its customers. Apart from quality, this is made evident by a global customer service network that spans over 100 countries and enables the group to provide maintenance, 24-hour service and refurbishing, which all serve to guarantee the functionality of both vehicles and equipment.  

These qualities also emanate from a workforce of about 3,300, which is oriented towards the multifarious demands of customers. Because although all fire services have the same objectives, their working methods vary greatly. Accordingly, in order to be able to serve the North American market, which has its own separate requirements, in 1995 Rosenbauer dared to venture into the US market. This bold step has proven to be most fruitful, as evidenced by the fact that in 2016, over 900 employees at three US locations are contributing to group success.   

In order to be able to supply first class quality and retain market leadership, Rosenbauer relies on internal group manufacture and retains those elements of production that have a direct influence upon end product functionality in-house. In the course of the past 150 years, this has been achieved through the expansion of production capacity in Austria and thus the creation of some 1,500 jobs in the domestic labor market, as well as the acquisition of specialist companies around the world. This pattern was demonstrated most recently with the foundation of a joint venture in Italy, where Rosenbauer Rovereto Srl is now manufacturing rescue platforms. Moreover, additional production centers in Germany, Slovenia, Spain, Russia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and the USA all serve to ensure the supply of customized products for international firefighting.  

This concept has paid dividends, as Rosenbauer has loyal customers in over 150 countries. The most northerly of its sales involved a vehicle for Spitzbergen, while the most southerly resulted in the stationing of a truck in Antarctica. In fact, international sales have always been a Rosenbauer specialty and if at first these were limited to Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, by the 1920s Rosenbauer pumps and trucks had already landed in China, Japan and Siam. Therefore, there can be no doubt that in future Rosenbauer personnel will continue to be active around the globe, busily convincing customers of the innovative strength and reliability of the group’s products.



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