Press release, October 9, 2019

Curtains Raised on the B34 2.0

New Rosenbauer hydraulic platform with improved rescue and extinguishing capacity

  • Weight-optimized hydraulic platform with 34 m working height on 2-axle chassis
  • Rescue cage with 500 kg payload, barrier-free access and wheelchair capacity
  • Ready for extinguishing with improved cage-fitted monitor (3,800 l/min) and telescopic riser

With the B34 2.0, Rosenbauer is presenting the next generation of its standard hydraulic platform. It has been substantially overhauled and equipped with new, weight-optimized components. The weight of both the aerial rescue equipment and cage have been reduced, without compromising on robustness and rigidity. A newly developed telescopic boom ensures that the arm set can be extended further than with the B32 and a rescue height of 34 meters can be achieved with the cage attached. High-strength steels give the telescopic boom the required strength and robustness while the tried-and-tested Rosenbauer horizontal vertical jacks with stepless width detection ensure stability in any situation. Completing the B34's impressive features is its rescue ladder, attached to the aerial rescue set, which allows personnel to descend safely - as does the turntable ladder as a secondary rescue route.

Built on a 2-axis Chassis
One major advantage of the weight optimization is that the B34 does not need a three-axle chassis, but instead can be built on two-axle vehicles with a total vehicle weight of 18 tons. This also applies to the Scania chassis - which generally tend to be a bit heavier - and is a unique feature on the market. The vehicle is fitted with an HLM safety platform with two spacious equipment compartments on each side of the vehicle, and is fully equipped with LED technology (upper surface, environmental, ascent and equipment compartment lighting, headlights and flashing lights).

Cage with 500 kg Payload
A special highlight is the newly overhauled rescue cage. The payload has been increased to 500 kg with extensive equipment. The B34's rescue cage can be prepared for different application scenarios in just a few steps. All adapters and attachments required for this purpose are stored within the vehicle. Barrier-free access to the rescue cage can be achieved by opening the front of the cage. 

Improved Monitor Performance
The B34 2.0 is also fitted with basic extinguishing equipment, consisting of an infeed in the rear of the vehicle, a telescopic water riser (TWS) and a monitor situated at the front of the cage. Its extinguishing capacity has been increased to 3,800 l/min, which is almost 30% more than previous models. The B34 is thus always prepared for extinguishing operations at heigt and only requires connection to the pump of a tank extinguishing vehicle. But it can also be equipped with a pump and tank, and expanded for use as an initial assault ('first attack') device.

Safe Operation
Numerous automated functions facilitate the operation of the device; every movement is monitored, every force that acts on the aerial rescue set or the persons in the cage is continuously calculated and used to enable the widest possible range of movement. Operators will immediately be able to see if the working range is restricted in a particular direction, the basket reaches its operational limits, or the floor pressure of the supports is no longer sufficient for safe operation. Firefighters have full control over their equipment at every stage of a mission, whether they operate it from the main control station on the vehicle or from the cage at a height of 34 meters. The high-performance hydraulics ensure fast movement and set-up times.

Expansion of the Aerial Rescue Fleet
The new B34 2.0 complements the Rosenbauer platform program in the standard height range and is offered in addition to the already well-known B32. Both meet the same technical requirements, namely ensuring maximum safety and performance in operations at heights.

B34 2.0 hydraulic platform (conforms to EN 1777 and NFPA 1901)

- Chassis: MB Econic 1830L
- Engine output: 220 kW (299 hp)
- Jacking system: Horizontal-vertical (5.93 m)
- Platfom: HLM platfom with new safety features

- Aerial rescue set: 3-part main boom + single-part inclinable cage boom
- Working/rescue height: 34 m
- Max. horizontal reach: 25 m

- Rescue cage: 500 kg 
- Alternative rescue route: Via attached ladder along the telescopic boom
- Extinguishing facilities: Telescopic water riser (TWS) leading to cage
- Electrical supply: Power extension (24 V, 230 V, 400 V) leading into cage
- Crane function: Lifting eyes on the lower ladder with 2-ton lifting capacity
- Automatic return into the cradle
- Target Memory System (TMS)
- Full LED equipment

- Dimensions: 9.15 x 2.55 x 3.20 m
- Permissible total weight: 18 t

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