Press release, April 17, 2019

Rosenbauer presents new protective suit FIRE FLEX

  • Premium product with improved wearing comfort and a new look
  • Further development of the internationally proven FIRE MAX 3 protective suit
  • Complemented by practical details and optimizations to the cut and lines

Based on decades of experience and intensive customer surveys, Rosenbauer is launching a new protective suit on the market. Two-colored, either black-blue with red or gold yoke color or gold with brown yoke color: this is the refreshingly new design of the FIRE FLEX protective suit. The outer material is available as either Nomex® NXT or X55 with PBI. Both fabrics are already in use in the FIRE MAX 3 and have proven to be exceptionally effective to protect against heat, flames, and mechanical hazards as well as acting as the first layer of protection against liquids. The three-layer fabric construction, consisting of outer fabric, liner with PTFE membrane and safety thermo lining, ensures maximum breathability and rapid removal of perspiration from the inside out, while at the same time offering excellent heat resistance. A new cut, shoulder and arm design, as well as additional padding and absorption barriers contribute to the significantly improved wearing comfort. In addition, numerous accessories and details, such as the new red grip pieces make the FIRE FLEX a highly functional choice.

Optimized fit
The basic cut, i.e. the shape of the protective suit, was redesigned for the FIRE FLEX. The sleeve construction now better suits the wearer's natural posture and provides greater freedom of movement. The shoulder-arm area has been redesigned so that the jacket fits even better when working overhead or when raising the arms, and the sleeves do not slide up. Comfort suspenders - also included as standard - ensure comfortable weight distribution of the pants on the shoulders. They are ergonomically shaped, padded and replaceable.

An extensive size and length system ensures maximum fit, with the FIRE FLEX available in three sizes (60-62, 64-66, 68-70) and five lengths. On request, Rosenbauer protective suits can also be individually manufactured to specific dimensions.

Improved wearing comfort
Many minute improvements only become obvious at second glance: For example, the reflective strips - which have been rearranged to achieve even better visibility - have been patched onto the FIRE FLEX and are not stitched on like on other protective suits. This makes these areas softer and smoother, increasing mobility, improving breathability, and making it easier for water vapor to escape.

The improved wearing comfort of the FIRE FLEX is also aided by the new material for the sleeve hem and front seam. Here, a 3-layer suction barrier based on a PTFE membrane is used, which is both waterproof and breathable. The jacket and trouser hems have a new carbon-black look and continue to be PU-coated (waterproof, but not breathable), because these areas are exposed to greater stresses and are well-ventilated in any case. In general, the PTFE membrane protects against water and liquids and is also impermeable to viruses and blood. In order to allow inspection of the membrane for damage to either side, the FIRE FLEX has two inspection openings.

Another innovation is the cellular rubber strips incorporated in the shoulder area of the jacket. This is where the straps of the SCBA unit go, which put pressure on the fabric and thus make it more susceptible to heat stress. The new lining is therefore not only for comfort, but also a safety feature.

Additional safety features
Also new and available in the FIRE FLEX standard version is the rescue loop attached to the back of the jacket, by which the wearer can be pulled from a danger zone. It consists of two sturdy Nomex® bands that are stitched to the outer fabric and fastened to it with Velcro. The loop is ready for use in a single step. The same applies to the panic zipper, which - for the first time - is made of plastic on the FIRE FLEX's jacket. As with the TORNADO protective boot, the plastic zipper is heat-resistant and extremely easy to open and close. Even heavy wear or damaged teeth do not affect the zipper which, unlike a metal zipper, works perfectly in such a scenario. As with the FIRE MAX 3, an IRS belt can also be fitted to the optionally available IRS-version of the FIRE FLEX jacket, if required.

Sophisticated details
Numerous small improvements round off the harmonious appearance of the new protective suit: all pockets have been enlarged and ergonomically optimized. The two radio pockets on the front of the jacket have been positioned diagonally and provided with an additional safety tab. This prevents the radio slipping out in any position. Below these, two patch pockets for larger items are now also diagonally positioned, into which you can also fit your hands. And wherever the wearer grabs, be it the patch pockets, the front strip, or the jacket's rescue loop, a red padded grip piece is attached for intuitive use.

The new FIRE FLEX is the new premium product of Rosenbauer's PPE range. Developed by professionals for the toughest firefighting operations, the protective suit is certified in accordance with all current standards and will be available for sale worldwide from May 2019.

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