Press release, May 5, 2022

Rosenbauer presents firefighter excavators for use in forest fires

Broadening of the product portfolio for firefighting and disaster relief

  • Water-saving extinguishing technology protects resources and the environment
  • Multi-functional equipment with all-wheel drive and an extensive range of accessories
  • Driving commands can also be given via control panel in the excavator cab

Rosenbauer rounds off its product portfolio for fighting forest fires. The range already includes a complete line-up of robust forest firefighting vehicles, water-saving extinguishing systems (high/extreme pressure systems, compressed air foam systems), special technical equipment and lightweight personal protective equipment. Heavy equipment is now also newly added to the range with the introduction of the Rosenbauer firefighter excavator. The vehicle can be operated at high ambient temperatures and is used in wildland fire fighting, for example to create firebreaks and access paths, dig trenches, or widen fireproof barriers (such as roads and paths). Unlike conventional excavators used in construction, the fire brigade excavator does not have to be transported to the site of deployment on a truck trailer, but drives there on its own at speeds of up to 100 km/h. In addition, it is an ideal clearance and recovery device in the event of floods, mudslides, or avalanches, and is therefore suitable for any type of disaster (prevention) operation.

Multi-functional device

The Rosenbauer firefighting excavator consists of two modules: an all-wheel drive chassis and an excavator attachment with a telescopic boom. The excavator module is powered by its own 126 hp engine, which provides a maximum digging force of 85 kN. The telescopic arm is extremely robust and has a horizontal reach of up to 14.6 m, giving the excavator a very large radius of action and enabling work to be carried out at a safe distance from the seat of a fire. The lifting capacity is 7 tons with the telescopic arm retracted, and 2.6 tons at maximum extension.

An extensive range of accessories allows the telescopic excavator to be turned into a multi-functional device for a wide variety of tasks. Shovels, buckets, tongs, grapples and hydraulic tools (hydraulic hammer) are available, all mounted on a rotary head. The rotary head allows the tools to be rotated 360°, facilitating excavation and demolition work or the demolition of fire remains from all sides. Four extendable jacks ensure the necessary stability. In addition, the vehicle can be equipped with cable winches for towing and a clearing blade for clearing work.

Robust all-wheel drive

The firefighting excavator is built on an extremely off-road capable Tatra chassis in 6x6 and 8x8 versions with an underaxle clearance of 400 mm and a fording ability of 1,200 mm. On request, special chassis from other manufacturers (MAN, Mercedes Benz, Iveco, Rheinmetall, among others) can also be used. In the vehicles with a 6x6 drive, all of the excavator's functions can be controlled from the driver's cab, and simple driving commands, such as "drive forward slowly," "turn the vehicle," and "deploy jacks" can also be given via a control panel in the excavator cab.

Water-saving extinguishing technology

The 8x8 chassis version has an additional equipment compartment that can accommodate a complete forest fire extinguishing system, including a water tank (500 l). For example, the Rosenbauer UHPS (Ultra High Pressure System) can be incorporated, by which very finely nebulized water or a water/foam mixture is produced and an excellent extinguishing effect can be achieved with just a small amount of extinguishing agent. Due to the high kinetic energy of the water jet (100 bar), it penetrates particularly deeply into flammable materials, which is an essential feature when extinguishing hot spots. In addition, adding even small amounts of foam compound significantly improves the extinguishing effect, due to the fact that it reduces the surface tension of the water and allows even better penetration of the flammable material. Additionally, the pressure hoses are significantly lighter than conventional fire hoses and much easier to handle on rough terrain. Upon request, the vehicle can be also be equipped with special self-protection systems for the cab and wheels.

Available now

The firefighting excavator has been jointly developed with the mechanical engineering company CSM Industry on the basis of their proven UDS multi-functional excavator. Production takes place on the premises of the Slovakian partner while Rosenbauer handles global sales.

About CSM Industry

CSM Industry is a mechanical engineering company based in Tisovec, Slovakia, with over 50 years of history in the design and manufacture of heavy machinery. The company's main product is the UDS (Universal Finishing Machine) multi-purpose telescopic excavator, of which more than 30,000 units have been sold worldwide to date.

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