Press release, February 21, 2018

Rosenbauer at the FeuerTRUTZ, Europe’s leading trade fair for preventive fire protection

Full-liner in the preventive fire protection field

From February 21 to 22, 2018, at the FeuerTRUTZ trade fair more than 270 exhibitors will be showcasing technical, structural and organizational fire protection solutions. The leading fire industry supplier Rosenbauer will also be amongst the participants with an extensive product portfolio focused on preventive fire protection.

New benchmarks in preventive fire protection

At the FeuerTRUTZ, Rosenbauer will be presenting a comprehensive range of monitors and room/building protection solutions that are intended specifically for the waste management sector, as fires in recycling plants can have catastrophic results. During storage and processing, waste management companies generally keep large quantities of material in bunkers, sorting halls and RDF-fired power plants. Many of the substances involved are highly flammable and in recycling plants the danger of self-ignition is ever-present. In addition, there are special fire protection related challenges such as those relating to the conveyors that transport the waste through the facilities.

First and foremost, stationary fire protection systems safeguard people and the environment. Fires generally cause immense expense due to reconstruction costs and production losses. Indeed, it can be the case that without preventive fire protection, sufficient insurance coverage is not guaranteed. In this situation, innovative Rosenbauer’s concepts - like those provided for systems at Karl Tönsmeier Entsorgungswirtschaft GmbH & Co. KG, Umweltdienste Bohn GmbH, Spreerecycling GmbH & Co. KG, VOSSCHEMIE GmbH - ensure maximum security:

  • Like the plant machinery, the conveyors that transport the waste to shredders or sorting equipment are protected by a CAFS extinguishing system. Should a fire break out, this is extinguished in seconds by means of CAFS foam, which is emitted via full-cone spray nozzles. This system can also be combined with infrared cameras or conventional fire alarms.
  • Stationary monitor systems have proven highly effective in waste bunkers and large sorting halls. An area of up to 2,000 m2 can be protected efficiently with just one ceiling-mounted monitor, as owing to its extensive range and high-precision extinguishing capability, this can quickly put out a fire in its initial phase. Above all, monitors demonstrate their strengths to the full in tandem with an infrared system, for as soon as the cameras identify a significant hot spot, the monitor instantaneously provides cooling. Consequently, the Rosenbauer system extinguishes a potential fire even before it breaks out.

A preventive fire protection full-liner

With the G&S Brandschutztechnik AG company, which is based in Mogendorf, Germany, the group has expanded its stationary fire protection program with sprinkler, deluge and gas extinguishing systems, as well as fire alarms. As a consequence, the Rosenbauer is now a full-liner in the preventive fire protection field.

  • In the recycling industry sprinkler and deluge systems are employed to minimize the danger from rapidly spreading fires and automatic sprinkler inspection using MASTERCONTROL is one notable feature of the G&S product range. This system offers considerable cost savings, as the time-consuming, manual examination of the components is replaced by automated, routine checks. Another G&S solution is provided by gas extinguishing systems for the protection of both people and property. Among other functions, these systems safeguard switching cabinets and process controls like those used for shredders.

Rosenbauer and G&S possess all the qualifications and certificates required for the installation of stationary fire protection systems, as exemplified by those of VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH.

Individual customer solutions with an extensive range of applications

Stationary fire protection systems from Rosenbauer represent special solutions that offer highly efficient extinguishing technology for the safeguarding of people, rooms and buildings. Apart from freeway tunnels, Rosenbauer has already equipped aircraft hangars, painting and recycling facilities, hazardous goods warehouse, RDF-fuelled power plants, transport systems and offshore helicopter pads, using concepts that are adjusted to match precisely the respective protective requirements. Customers throughout the world estimate the complete service packages provided, which commence with on-the-spot analyses and extend to consulting, planning, production, installation, commissioning, support, servicing and maintenance.

Rosenbauer products, which in particular are employed in the recycling industry, such as the RM35 monitor with IR-system and wireless remote operation as well as POLY extinguishing systems POLY SL10, SL50 and SL100 will all be on display at the FeuerTRUTZ 2018.

The Rosenbauer specialists look forward to welcoming you on Booth 424 in Hall 10.1.



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