Press release, June 19, 2022

Interschutz 2022: Rosenbauer presents the first AT electric

  • Reliable and proven AT technology on fully-electric series chassis
  • Range extender to ensure standard-compliant pump operation
  • Body concept open for electric chassis from different manufacturers


High-quality technology, proven many times over - that's how the Rosenbauer AT is known in the firefighting world. Previously conventionally powered, the flagship of Rosenbauer's municipal vehicle fleet will in future also be available on electric series chassis. A first pre-series vehicle based on an HLF 20 will be presented at Interschutz. The planned start of sales for this AT electric is the end of 2022.


The exhibition vehicle is built on a Volvo Trucks chassis. The Swedish truck manufacturer has started series production of electric chassis in 2019 and already provides two products in the form of the Volvo FL Electric, on which Rosenbauer has already implemented an equipment truck for logistics, and the Volvo FE Electric, which is used for the AT electric. Rosenbauer is the first body manufacturer to implement fully electric fire fighting vehicles on these chassis and in future will also offer the AT electric on other series chassis, as soon as they become available.


All the benefits of the "Classics"


No compromises, no trade-offs in the usual AT qualities - that was the development approach for the AT electric. The vehicle is based on the same body technology and offers the same range of functions and the familiar operating environment as a "classic" AT. Proven body elements such as the integrated twin cab with revolving steps or the Rosenbauer COMFORT mounting system can be found 1:1 in the AT electric. Only the steps in the area of equipment compartments 1 and 2 are not designed as flaps but can be extended mechanically because the two battery packs are located behind them.


The standard equipment of an HLF 20 nevertheless fits into the exhibition vehicle because additional space could be created in the rear (equipment compartment 7) by installing the fire pump under the floor. For the AT electric, Rosenbauer offers two pumps in accordance with EN1028: the N10 and the N20 (installed in the exhibition vehicle). The range extender installed in the body, which ensures the four-hour continuous duty of the pump required by EN1846, makes a significant contribution to compliance with the standard. The generator, which is driven by a diesel engine, provides a permanent electrical output of approx. 50 kW for this purpose.  In addition, the exhibition vehicle is equipped with a 2,000 litre water tank, a 120 litre foam tank, the Rosenbauer RFC Admix Variomatic direct injection foam proportioning system and a rapid intervention hose reel.


With Rosenbauer's Connected Fleet vehicle management system and Connected Command operations management system, the AT electric is ready for digitalised everyday firefighting. In addition, two brand-new features will be shown with the exhibition vehicle: the tablet as a "third" control point and a recirculation filter for the crew cab that can filter the finest particles (smoke, dirt, but also viruses) from the cab air.


New drive and energy concept


Both the driveline and the fire pump are operated fully electrically in the AT electric. During firefighting operations, the pump is driven by an electric motor (an electric power take-off) supplied as standard with the chassis and fed from the chassis' high-voltage system. A range extender provides sufficient energy for longer periods of use.


Two lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with a nominal capacity of 66 kWh each supply the entire system with energy. The rechargeable batteries are charged either via a charging cable with a maximum power of 150 kW direct current or 22 kW alternating current or, if required, for example if prolonged pumping operation is necessary, at the operational site via the range extender. The driving distance with one battery charge is sufficient for up to 100 km, depending on the topology.


AT (Advanced Technology) represents innovative and high-quality, reliable and durable fire fighting technology, which fire services will soon be able to use in the usual way on fully electric chassis.

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