Press release, August 3, 2018

Extreme firefighting

The new TIGON special firefighting vehicle with outstanding off-road capabilities

  • Extreme off-road capabilities due to the backbone tube chassis from Tatra
  • Extremely flexible due to modular firefighting superstructure
  • Extremely robust due to uncompromising Rosenbauer quality

Rosenbauer presents a new and spectacular large tank fire truck for industrial use, the TIGON. Everything about this vehicle is designed for extremes; its off-road capability, its functional flexibility and its firefighting equipment. The TIGON can be fitted with Rosenbauer's highest-volume extinguishing systems: built-in pumps with capacities of up to 13,000 l/min (10 bar), proportioning systems that can deliver up to 1,200 l/min of foam compound (14 bar) and mix foam into the complete pump output, and water turrets for combined extinguishing compound output with capacities of up to 15,000 l/min (10 bar). The TIGON combines concentrated extinguishing power with a robust lightweight construction and an uncompromising off-road chassis.

"This is the most powerful industrial fire truck ever made in the fire service industry," says Rosenbauer CSO Andreas Zeller, who is impressed by the innovative vehicle concept. "The combination of high-performance firefighting equipment and off-road capability has been perfectly implemented in the TIGON."

Rally-proven chassis
The TIGON incorporates Tatra's backbone tube chassis, which the Czech truck manufacturer has also installed in its rally vehicles, and with which it has already won the Dakar Rally six times. Known also as the 'Tatra Concept', it is based on a robust central tube frame, which is characterized by high torsional and bending stiffness, by which it ensures optimal distribution of any forces it is subjected to. The tubular construction envelops all non-constructively loaded vehicle elements and protects all moving drive components from damage and dirt because they are installed internally.

The differential gears are also protected within the tubular frame, and they can be locked individually. The semi-axles, in turn, are freely movably mounted, and the wide tires (24.00R21) are equipped with a tire pressure system that adapts the tire footprint to the condition of the ground.

Together with a powerful engine (700 hp) and a fully automatic torque converter transmission, the TIGON becomes a fire truck of superlatives, capable of carrying high payloads even across the most extreme terrains.

Modular extinguishing giant
In the standard version with 8x8 suspension, the TIGON has 12,500 liters of extinguishing agent on board. When expanded to five axles (10x10 version), even more can be transported. In order to use the firefighting equipment while driving - for example, for self-protection when driving over burning terrain - the TIGON is equipped with a special PTO (power take-off) drive. This distributes the power between the power train and the pump system, which enables pump-and-roll operation.

Functional flexibility
In addition to water and foam systems in the normal pressure range, the TIGON can be equipped with a high-pressure pump for optimum rapid attack or a powder extinguishing system for special firefighting scenarios. The extinguishing agents are deployed by fast assault and/or high-performance turrets. The turrets can be controlled via joystick or remote control, and can achieve throw ranges of over 120 meters (RM130C in water operation). Turrets with specially developed ChemCore nozzles are available for the combined application of water and powder.

The operating concept of the TIGON is as modular as its firefighting equipment. The vehicle can be operated via a very simple system of illuminated keypads and small display. However, it is also possible to install the high-end version of the Rosenbauer LCS 2.0 control system, which works via a modern CAN bus and 10-inch display.

Innovative concept
The TIGON is an industrial fire truck for extreme conditions. It is particularly at home where other fire vehicles cannot even go due to the rough terrain: in the desert, across tundra, or in Arctic regions. The rally-proven chassis guarantees off-road capability on every terrain.

Rosenbauer TIGON (standard vehicle version)
- Chassis: Tatra Force T815 8x8
- Engine: Volvo D16, 515 kW (700 hp), Tier 2
- Gearbox: Allison 7-shift automatic
- Tires: 24.00R21
- Dimensions L x W x H: 12.26 x 2.90 x 3.70 m
- Permissible total weight: 43 t
- Cabin: Original Tatra twin cab 1 + 2 + 2
- Extinguishing agent: 9,000 liters water, 3,500 liters foaming agent
- Built-in pumps: N80 with up to 8000 l/min (10 bar), H5 with up to 500 l/min (40 bar)
- Foam proportioning systems: HYDROMATIC 800 + FIXMIX 2.0E
- Roof turret: RM80C with up to 9500 l/min (10 bar) and up to 100 m throw range
- Bumper turret: RM15C with up to 2000 l/min (10 bar) and up to 70 m throw range

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