August 23, 2019

Press release

Improved fire protection for Darmstadt's waste incineration plant

  • Rosenbauer will modernize all fire protection systems by the end of the year
  • Installation of new deluge and turret extinguishing systems with new extinguishing system control
  • Special infrared early fire detection in all areas with high fire loads

Rosenbauer fire protection is modernizing all the fire protection equipment at the Darmstadt waste incineration plant. This 1.9 million EUR investment project should be completed by the end of the year, after which the new plants will be maintained by Rosenbauer fire protection for five years. The Darmstadt waste incineration plant is one of the most modern waste incineration plants in Europe, and supplies over 35,000 people with electricity as well as district heating. It underwent a general renovation in 2017.

Highly efficient technology
Two different fire protection methods are employed at the waste incineration plant in Darmstadt. The 6,700 cubic meter waste bunker is protected by a highly efficient fully automatic turret extinguishing system, with another 14 extinguishing zones protected by a high-performance manually operated deluge system.

In the waste bunker, where the highest fire loads prevail, infrared cameras detect fires at an early stage and randomly check the temperatures in the waste, while electronically controlled water turrets carry out targeted firefighting.

The extinguishing zones, which are protected by deluge nozzles, include, among others, the crane chute, the incinerator feed funnels, and the festoon cables that supply the cranes with electrical power.

In addition to the installation of the extinguishing equipment, Rosenbauer is also renovating the electrical installation in the waste bunker, installing a complete compressed air supply for the IR cameras, and building a completely new extinguishing control system.

Energy for 35,000 people
The Darmstadt waste incineration plant is operated by ENTEGA AG on behalf of Zweckverbandes Abfallverwertung Südhessen (ZAS), and processes more than 200,000 tonnes of waste from 64 towns and communities annually. The heat energy released during combustion is used to generate electricity and district heating. Some the electricity is used to supply the waste incineration plant itself, while the remainder is distributed throughout the region. More than 35,000 people can thus be supplied with electricity (approx. 38 million kWh/a) and district heating (approx. 150,000 t/a steam).

Rosenbauer fire protection
Rosenbauer fire protection plans, installs and services fire protection systems in compliance with standards applicable throughout Europe. The range of products includes classic sprinkler and spray water systems, special water mist and kitchen extinguishing systems, to highly efficient foam extinguishing systems with infrared early fire detection systems.

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