Did you know...

... there is a mobile version of the PANTHER simulator?

Unload, plug in, and start training. Sounds easy - and it is, too, thanks to the mobile PANTHER Simulator. Because the complete training center, including the simulator and instructor room, is housed in a roll-off container and can thus be easily transported. So airport firefighters do not have to go to the simulator, but instead the simulator comes to them.


The advantages of the mobile simulator are not limited to its extremely realistic training, made possible thanks to original cockpit equipment, Ultra HD monitors and various operational scenarios. In addition, it saves on travel expenses, a not inconsiderable cost factor, because it can be easily used directly on-site by the airport fire department. Another great benefit is the fact that the entire team can undertake training while on duty. In an emergency, the training participants are always ready for operation.


With the PANTHER Simulator, you can practice a wide variety of missions, from the approach to the runway and evacuation scenarios, to extinguishing operations as often as you like. And without pollution, fuel consumption, or the use of extinguishing agents - all thanks to unrestricted mobility regardless of the location. All you need to operate is enough space for the roll-off container and a 400V power supply.