An innovative employer

Work in an international environment

As the global market leader in the field of defensive fire and disaster protection, Rosenbauer demonstrates a high degree of innovative strength. To a very great extent this is based on the group’s more than 3,000 creative and highly qualified employees worldwide, who with their considerable inventive potential and powerful implementation capabilities do much to make Rosenbauer a technology leader.

For Rosenbauer, international success also means promoting intercultural thought and action among its workforce. Accordingly, Rosenbauer is just the right company for those who wish to gain international experience through cross-border cooperation, possess enthusiasm for technology and wish to contribute to the development of trendsetting products. Therefore, seize your opportunity. 

Rosenbauer is looking for people who get things moving!

Every new employee brings something unique to the company with his/her individual potential, working performance, knowledge, learning capacity and above all, social commitment. Motivated employees, who jointly promote progress, constitute Rosenbauer’s most valuable resource. Rosenbauer is looking for personnel who enjoy challenging assignments and exciting projects. At Rosenbauer one meets colleagues from differing nations and a diversity of interesting professions. Moreover, irrespective of whether you are a school-leaver, student, graduate, experienced worker, specialist or skilled production worker, what counts are your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. With Rosenbauer you can look forward to national and international career opportunities and freedom to contribute your own ideas and talents.  

In order to retain its leadership in years to come, Rosenbauer continually improves its processes, creates new structures and constantly pushes ahead with technological progress. This demands the efforts of every individual as changes can only be mastered by motivated employees.