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Automatic cleaning systems for the new retention pools

This modern, fully automated cleaning system from Rosenbauer saves time, manpower and costs while at the same time reducing odor and noise pollution from the sewage plant.


Find more information about the automatic cleaning system of the Lake Ossiacher See Water District on this page.

Impresses with

  • Fully automated cleaning
  • Time saving: 75 – 90 %
  • Cost savings
  • Reduces odor and noise pollution
"Up to the fall 2009, it took one person at least two full working days to completely clean the rainwater retention basins following severe storms and increased deposits. But now, depending on the volume and depth of the accumulated material, it only takes three to four hours to celan them using Rosenbauer's automatic cleaning system. The time needed to clean the basins manually has dropped to 25 % of what it used to be, and to less than 10 % when the system is in automated operation. Rosenbauer has made this job so easy that we can now let our employees do other and perhaps more pleasant tasks."
Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Schwarz, MBA CEO
Wasservand Ossiacher See
"We are operating in totally uncharted territory as plans were being made to install automatic celaning systems using monitors in thre rainwater retention basins at the Lake Ossiacher See Water District here in the Austrian state of Carinthia. Basins of the size (90 x 45 m) have never been built before due to the lack of an adequate automated cleaning capability. In cooperation with the experts from Rosenbauer we develeoped a system that not only meets all regulatory requirements, but works quickly and reliably. We could never have completed so important and exceptional a project as this without the expertise of Rosenbauer's staff. Thank you for a truly superb team effort!"
Dipl.-Ing. Gottfried Pinter Graduate Engineer and Construction Industry Consultant
Dipl.-Ing Pinter ZT-GmbH
"Fully automated cleaning of the Lake Ossiach Water Board's rain retention basins was a totally new challenge for us, too, as automation specialists. We needed to implement two approaches to cleaning. On the one hand, there is the option of a teaching session where the complete manual cleaning process is recorded for rerunning following an automatic system start-up. On the other, we implemented coordinate-driven movements which cleaned the basin from the edge to the drain in concentric circles. All applicable monitor data are recorded by the process control systems and used for complete documentation and optimization of the cleaning process. Thanks to efficiency and versatility of the Rosenbauer water monitors, this concept can be implemented for almost any rainwater retention basin. We are very excited to have implemented a method as innovative as this in collaboration with the specialists from Rosenbauer International AG. "
Ing. Harald Grauß Project Management
MSS Elektronik GmbH

Initial situation

In the course of the refurbishment and expansion of the wastewater treatment facility of the Lake Ossiacher See Water District, the cleaning process of the rainwater retention basins was to be optimized.

The problem was that it always used to take one worker with industrial washers several days to routinely clean the four older 10,000 m³ capacity rainwater retention basins. The smell and noise caused a necessary task to become an unpleasant experience for both the workers and those living nearby.

Wastewater treatment plant

A progressive and efficient solution

Four older basins for collecting rainwater were replaced by two concrete basins having a maximum volume of 18,000 m³. Following heavy rains, these basins are drained after which the water mixture is processed biologically in the treatment plant. The problem is that a mix of organic and inorganic particulates always accumulates as sludge at the bottom of the basins.

  • Two rainwater retention basins each with a length of 95 m and width of 45 m
  • Max. water depth in basins: approx. 2.10 m
  • Capacity of each basin: approx. 9.000 m³

The solution: Now after draining the basins, the Rosenbauer turrets, which were actually designed for stationary firefighting, use process water to flush the sludge into a central collecting channel from where it flows into the auger lift system. Four water turrets are installed per basin, each of which can be operated independently and controlled remotely or manually on-site. In addition to this, two automatic cleaning methods were implemented that allow the turrets to clean the basins on their own.

  • Number of turrets per basin: 4
  • Water flow rate reduced to 800 l/min
  • Large throw range of over 50 meters
  • 8 bar pressure at turret inlet
  • Complete CAN-Bus networking of the turrets
  • Rosenbauer remote control for manual operation
  • Summer and winter operation


  • Fully automated cleaning process
  • Time saving: 75 – 90 %
  • Cost savings
  • Reduces odor and noise pollution

Lake Ossiacher See Water District

Since 1964 the Lake Ossiacher See Water District has been responsible for providing economical and reliable wastewater treatment and disposal for the Austrian city of Villach, the township of Feldkirchen, and the communities of Himmelberg, Steindorf, Treffen and Ossiach. This water district is also charged with safeguarding the groundwater and improving the ecology of Lake Ossiacher See. To do all this, it operates the entire sewage collection and disposal facility, as well as all the collectors, pumping plants and local networks throughout the region.

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