Engine test bench

Perfect protection for complex requirements

When performing safety checks on the engine of a fighter jet, temperatures can reach up to 800°C. Reliable firefighting systems are essentiel to ensure the protection of the pilots and the expensive machinery.


Find more information about stationary extinguishing systems for engine test benches on this page. 

Impresses with

  • Targeted use of extinguishing agent
  • Simple operation
  • 100% mechanical system
  • High extinguishing performance thanks to CAFS

Initial situation

Safety check of the fighter jet after maintenance

  • Throttling up the engines to full power
  • Temperatures of around 800°C in the engines
  • Combustible residual liquids are possible in the lines
  • High fire risk with dangers for pilot and machine

Extinguishing system

An energy self-sufficient CAFS turret extinguishing system was installed to protect the fighter jet. One turret on each side of the Eurofighter ensures safety for the pilot and machine during the engine tests. The system starts extinguishing in less than 10 seconds after activation. The advantages are:

  • Simple operation
  • Precise extinguishing agent application

At the heart of the extinguishing system is a RPE POLY CAFS extinguishing system. This functions without any external energy (no pumps, engine or power) and is simply driven by compressed air.
The water-foam mixture is stored in two 3,000 l containers. If the system is activated, the container is filled with compressed air and the water-foam mixture forced into the mixing chamber. It is then mixed together into CAFS compressed air foam under the influence of compressed air. The extinguishing system is characterized by:

  • Large throw ranges
  • Highest extinguishing efficiency
  • Purely mechanical system