February 3, 2014

RLS1000 – eight hours of power

Innovative software-controlled LED lighting system

Firefighters must be able to see exactly what is occurring on a scene in order to be able to respond in the best possible way. So a good source of light is one of the most important requirements for their work. Firefighters can establish optimum lighting conditions quickly and easily with the new RLS1000 high-performance LED lighting system from Rosenbauer. It combines floodlight, rechargeable battery, charger and tripod in one compact device and is ready for use immediately. Thanks to the in-built rechargeable batteries, the RLS1000 provides eight hours of full lighting output without an external energy supply. This means it also functions reliably when no power supply is available, for example in flooding situations. For charging, it simply connects to the cigarette lighter of any vehicle (12/24 V) or to any 230 V socket.


Software-controlled LED’s

30 high-performance LED’s are built into the head lamp of the RLS1000. The light output of the RLS1000 can be varied on demand: Via a Powerboost function it can be increased to 150% for ten minutes, and reduced to eight percent with the built-in dimmer. A special diffuser allows for continuous switching between focused spotlight and floodlight illumination. In addition, the floodlight can be used as an LED signal light with red, yellow, green and blue flashing lights.


Mobile, compact and versatile

The compact and ready-to-use LED lighting system from Rosenbauer weighs less than 12 kg. The lamp head can be swiveled in all directions. With the practical carrying handles, the RLS1000 can also be used as a handheld lamp to light the way to the scene. Four quick-lock extension poles are integrated, which allow for a lamp-head height of up to 1.80 m when connected together. In addition, two support feet can also be unfolded to provide stability.



Additional information about the RLS1000