July 6, 2013


Narrower vehicle width of 2.5 m

The new PANTHER S 6x6 presents itself lighter, more compact and above all narrower, which rounds off the successful ARFF vehicle series from Rosenbauer. It is exactly half a meter narrower than the current version, without losing any of the usual performance in the process. The PANTHER S 6x6 is built on the same technological basis as all of Rosenbauer's premium vehicles and also proves itself to be supreme in performance.

Optimum driving characteristics

With the new 700 hp engine from Volvo (Euro 5), its engine is as powerful as the PANTHER CA05 6x6 and it is also fitted with a twin-disk gearbox. Because of this, the PANTHER S actually accelerates slightly faster to the ICAO required speed of 80 km/h. The top speed is around 120 km/h.

Operations at smaller airports

The new PANTHER S was specially developed for operation at smaller, regional or national airports. With its narrower width it is ideally proportioned for these; without having to compromise in the areas of driving characteristics, technical firefighting performance and stability.